Day Book: May Day

Outside My Window: Cold and Rainy and to think yesterday was perfect and what was I doing all day? Consumed with Design History. Blah!

I Am Hearing: I’ve got Pandora streaming in my ears. It’s about the only thing that helps keep me focused when doing homework I just really dont want to do. Wonder Boy is now obsessed with creating his own radio station..he’s pretty good. I may have to send him to DJ school among other things.

I Am Thinking: I may just keep on keeping on and not take a break between semesters..we’ll see.
I’m also thinking about work. I don’t like to complain too much, because I really have it pretty good in my department. Numbers still give me the heeby jeebies, cause one screw up and you could set the place back a few nickels. It can get stressful. My boss actually has announced to the department that now is the time to speak up if we’re interested in other aspects of the department like documentation, research that kind of thing. Needless to say my ears are perked. Love the idea of staying within a department I love, but doing something besides numbers. It’s funny because I was really thinking of looking outside and take a stab at the little I know with design web stuff at an entry level. Looks like I’ll stick around awhile.

Im Hoping: This week is my photo gig for the soccer team. This is my make it or break it debut, usually I’d be freaking but I’m excited and calm. I feel I’ve got this as long as the camera cooperates. I will be bringing old trusty as back up. I admit I’ve been obsessed with visualizing how and what I’m going to do with the photos at every non brain functioning hour. If you see me in a daydream state that’s probably what I’m doing.

Plans For The Week: Besides soccer photo taking, not much. 2 more weeks of school I can do this. Have I mentioned this has been the hardest semester yet? ..remind me I said this next semester.

Photo Thoughts: This may be the most morbid thought ever but if I were to die (with in the next 30 decades or more) I’d like this or one similar to be a picture at my funeral(yes I realize my bottom half is hanging out..that’s the price you pay for a good pic). It’s just so me and well dang if the hubs didn’t get awesome sun flare with out it being overexposed and what not. He probably took twenty or so photos of me taking photos of this bug I could never get in focus. Yes I let him use black beauty. He has now made me very jealous and that is my next photo mission. So look for a lot of sunflare pics in the next few weeks.
One more for mom. I should have picked these puppies as they smelled awesome.


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