The Thing About The Easter Bunny….

In case you didn’t know  I read a few blogs in between studying-writing papers-researching and more researching for papers. I admit multi tasking isn’t very productive when it comes to academia but I just blame it on my ADD tendencies.  Anywho…it seems that a very large majority of the world’s Easter Bunny hides the eggs for the kids and when they get up in the morning, the kids get their loot from their baskets and then run for the hills to find all the eggs the bunny has hidden. Mmm…somehow the Easter Bunny didn’t do things that way at my house as a kid and he still doesn’t do it for my kids. I feel EB has robbed me of this famed event.

My EB (that’s Easter Bunny for lazy typers..hey I have to do a lot of writing so I’m tired…though not tired enough to type out this sentence) came in the night and left the goods. We got up opened our chocolate bunnies and goodies. Then the egg hiding was all done obviously by my parents after church. Who has time to hunt eggs first thing when there’s scratchy tights to squeeze in and uncomfortable slips and hot frilly pink dresses to put on and then get to church in plenty of time to get a seat? We stayed inside, mom went out hid eggs and we emerged and found them. Then we’d have her do it over and over and over again. According to my lunch BFF…EB hid the eggs, they got up, got their loot, hunted EB’s eggs and that was the end of it, there was no mulitple hidings because EB only comes once. I guess that’s what all the mystery and fun is,  EB hiding the eggs.  Who would have thought?! Though, how sad that  no one wants to hide eggs over and over again? What’s the fun in only doing it once?

Obviously Im in the minority on this little piece of EB tradition. Im just not sure what to think of the world and it’s mysteries at this point. What are you going to tell me next, that the tooth fairy actually put your money under your pillow instead of in a fancy tooth fairy dish on your night stand?

I just hope that there’s not some household tensions when my sons explain to their wives how the Easter Bunny goes down at his house.  I think I hear the conversation now… “What do you mean the Easter Bunny didn’t hide your eggs? What kind of sick twisted messed up thing is that?”

Mom it’s therapy was needed for this revelation. I’m ok and I’m ok doing it “the right way”. 😉


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