Day Book A Day Short 4.25

Outside My Window: The frogs are singing a melodious symphony. The rain has really gotten them excited if you know what I mean.

I Am Hearing: Quiet oh so quiet

I Am Thinking: I should be doing my history of design timeline pre script of exciting art stuff/typography from the early 20th century ( I will admit it was due last night..I tried really) I’m not so much a fan of design history anymore.
Im also thinking: I finally got my Amazon gift card from the 5minutesformom extraganza that happened a month ago. What would you spend with $50 bucks in Amazon cash? Don’t say your kids either…cause mine just had birthdays and easter, they’re good for awhile. I’m thinking for sure a digital thermometer and maybe a potato ricer. I also would love a new purse even though the one I have has done me very well and is nice but I want something summery. Can’t really find one in my price range I like. Im not one to spend more than $30 on a purse.

I Am Hoping: To make a trip to Tulsie Town in the near future. My MIL has winery touring tickets and I really really need a change of scenery. Sooo…to my Tulsie Homie (you know who you are) if you’re reading this…I’m thinking of heading up around the begining of June…this means I will/ want to stay from Saturday through possibly Monday to give me plenty of time of R&R and visiting. No, that doesn’t mean you have to house me and my brood of children that long, it just means it will give me plenty of time to stop by for a non rushed visit and make up lost time, since the birth of your youngest child a year and cough..4 months ago. How is it that I move within the same state and still have yet to see this child? Pardon me this was not intended to be a post directed toward anyone specific…ahem

Plans For The Week: Get caught up on school as always…grumble grumble…3 weeks and then a week off…which is really no time off at all but I’ll take what I can get to be done and over with this history of design class.

Picture Thought: Remember this? Completely empty now. Do you know when this was posted? 3/15 a month and half folks. 90% of it was his not mine. Just for the record.


2 thoughts on “Day Book A Day Short 4.25

  1. Just look at me! Takes me forever to catch up on posts!!!! The only bad thing….I have a nagging feeling we will be out of town during that time!!!!! Ugh! Are you kidding me?! We are taking the kids to Disney, actually. We’ll be gone May 27th-June 12th, or so. Okay, so no more excuses! I’m going to HAVE to stop by and see you, after all, I feel like nearly every weekend we are in Choctaw. Unfortunately, there are like 50 moms that have to be visited for Mother’s Day, and it gets a little stressful trying to appease them all! BTW, if you plan your trip ANY time we are home…I would LOVE to have all of you guys stay with us. No lie, we have TONS of space for you. The basement is an entire apartment for guests! 🙂

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