Day Book 4/18

Im considering changing it to Night Book because the days just literally slide right through my fingers. Who needs sleep anyway?

Outside My Window: A tranquil night. We got the garden up and ready and it’s on the roof. I will admit I’m kind of proud of the hubs on this one. He usually has these major plans and sometimes doesn’t follow through 100%. I promise to take pics of the roof/garden soon…time is just literally eating me away.

I Am Hearing: It’s pretty quiet really

I Am Thinking: If you only knew the astounding amount of stuff going on in my brain you’d run for the hills.
-all the homework projects, assignments, discussions that need tending to
-a dining room that’s a complete disaster (the walls have texture now and is ready for paint) which another project looms
-a house that’s in similar condition
-me starting up my little mini design business (I know!) for this soccer shoot
-creating a new web/blog site for the little design business
-sleep would be lovely
-a pedicure would be even nicer
-work for other people
-updating my resume (Im seriuosly considering some other gig that would go along the lines of my degree…hold me please cause fathoming this stuff coming to reality is just totally unreal and I’m dreaming..right?)

I AM HOPING: I would like to hope for some mini vacation to rest my mind but that’s pretty much way out there.

Plans For The Week: Jump over any homework hurdles that await me. I didnt even check in on my assignments yet…too busy creating this business. The youngest has his little play about pets. Can’t wait for that. They have to put his pic first on the slide show don’t ya think?

Picture Thought: Smile and the world smiles with you
We had a quick visit to the park/pond for the birthday boy. It was a beautiful day, sadly the pond is in dire need of rain. I promise to post more pics soon (hands crossed behind back).

Before I Go… Did you want to know the name of the business? (Sure you did) LTD Designs as in Livin The Dream Designs. I’ve stewed and meditated on a name for weeks. It actually was a running joke at my old position when we would be crazy busy the bosses would joke and say to us “just livin the dream” as in your working your dream job in a sarcastic tone. So this time it’s for real the dream job. Im not completely doing this full time and it’s really just spring board for the soccer team pics but who knows where it could go from there. Once I have it up and running you can take a peek. It’s basically going to be my pics and some of my projects from school, kind of a online portfolio if you will.
Now you know the rest of the story…good day


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