Day Book 04/11

Outside My Window: Is a good 500 lbs of top soil. The hubs has a wild hair to plant a garden on top of the house. That means some people are going to be hauling dirt on top of the house in the next few days somehow I got volunteered to be one of those people. Welcome to my world. (No mother that is not an open invitation to come and haul dirt)

I Am Hearing: The dog chomping on a bone and some children who are about to get dunked in a tub and sent to bed…atleast one child.

I Am Thinking: Still have a lot on my mind and still in a bit of denial to discuss just yet. I know I’ve been pretty vague about this thing lately. I’m just not ready to go there yet.

Im Hoping: To Keep Hope Alive

Good News: I won a $20 gift card to a local eatery. I also won a $50 Amazon gift card. Not in the same place but in the same day. That makes for a pretty darn good Monday.

Bad News: I had to haul dirt today and my very first Scentsy burner broke during shipment. I had never experienced the awesomeness that is Scentsy until someone brought their samples from work to entice me to buy. Which of course I did. I just could never buy with out actually smelling and knowing what I wanted. All I can say is Pima Cotton Sheets is going to fill my house very soon. Im one of those weird people who always sniff my clean laundry coming out of the dryer. I could drown in it.

Other News: We have to prepare for another birthday this week. Im all planned out really. Im guessing it’s going to be at the park but I stress about the weather. I really don’t want to host at the house. I barely have the energy to haul dirt to clean house on a normal day but for a birthday is even more stressful. Poor Wonder Boy seems to get the short stick of the birthday deal.

BTW: I kind of sorta talked myself into doing a photoshoot for a co-workers soccer team. She casually asked me if I knew a free lance photographer and I don’t, but somehow mentioned that I could totally shoot a bunch of 7-8 years olds in a somewhat professional manner and charge you next to nothing. Am I insane? Obviously I have nothing better to do..but I really want to do it even though I really don’t know what I’m doing. What if these parents actually think I’m sorta OK and want a business card or something? I’m a little freaked out but also think this is the kind of push I need to just do what I love to do. Craziness! Me actually getting paid to do what I love? Nonsense!

Speaking of Photo Shoots: I shot the boys this past weekend for the annual Spring photos. Here’s just a few.

3springboys2 This their latest album cover. They’ll be releasing their new single in a few days. (It looks like an album cover am I right?)


I have some singles too but I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with such awesomeness.

Picture Thought:
nolspring1 My preemie is turning 11 and going to middle school next year. What is the world coming too?


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