Day Book 04/03

Outside My Window: The wind is blowing mightily. Beautiful weekend for a bithday, though I hear Mother Nature is PMSing again and were in for cold during the week. I guess it’s ok during the week….

I Am Hearing: Not much at this time of night. For once my homework was completed in a reasonably timed manner. Perfect reason to stay up late to blog. I think it is anyway.

I Am Thinking: We surrvived the weekend. The CEO of WM247 made the executive decision to allow the chaos to go through out the entire weekend. Of course VP of Operations did not get a say in this. We managed I suppose.

I Am Hoping: For a little more calmer week.. I’m hoping for other things too but nothing to worry your pretty heads over yet.

Other Thoughts: The main birthday post is below. I try to entertain to the fullest ability because who really needs to read another birthday post? I used both cameras for the event. My precious was giving me fits (Im sure it’s just the user but we can’t blame her she does try) So I need to charge up old trusty and see what we got from that one.

In Addition: The youngest is partaking in a 1st Grade presentation about pets. The music teacher requested we send photos of our children and pet for the slide show. You needs to know I was all over that like flies on….never mind. I had to do a mini photo shoot of such adorableness. Pets and Children such an easy thing to photo…not. That’s where my mad editing skills come in.
Can’t you see this being the opening slide of the show. Let’s really bring the house down with tears of sappiness. That’s the goal anyway. Don’t even ask how many pics it took to get just what I was looking for.

Plans For The Week: Not much same o same o. Im ok with that for this week. The next another birthday planning.

Picture Thought: I’ve found my ah ha moment.. in other words I found where the perfect lighting in my house is…it only took me a year and half..and it was as obvious as day. Of course I could not resist using it, even if it meant taking pictures of the carnage that was the birthday cake. I think PW would be proud.


One thought on “Day Book 04/03

  1. I can imagine pictures of kids and pets together would be tough – neither like to do exactly what you ask them to – especially at the same time. That said – I love this picture and the editing is wonderful!

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