Birthday Report

>Im Sunny Skies reporting to you live from the epi center of party central. We are in day 2 of the madness and it has yet to relinquish.

Anchor “Sunny can you tell how this all started?”

Sunny; “Well it all started with this interesting character”

This is Skippy Chouse. He brings chaos and destruction to every household who’s birthday is the celebration of All Fools Day.
Children line up anxiously to bask in his presence. Some are brutally forced one way or the other to do so but all adore him.

Anchor ” How did this Skippy Chouse come to be I’ve never heard of him..err it?”

Sunny “It all came about from a sleep deprived mother staying up late to decorate for her child’s birthday, it suddenly just came to life. April Fool birthdayers have never been the same since.”

Crazy behaviors have started popping up all over the place.
People are having to gather eggs one at a time and are only allowed to consume one a week for heart health reasons.
Seeing the crazed Skippy also causes people to start using their face as a plate when they eat. Forks and Spoons have now been banned to prevent eye ball gouging. Folks must now use their tongue as an eating utensil. We clearly are in a world wide crises.

Anchor: “What ever are we to do in this situation? Has the National Guard been called? The Ghostbusters…anyone?

Sunny: “According to my sources there is only one person who can overt this crises. His name…well his name doesn’t matter. He has the mad super saving skills to fix all of this.

Anchor: Is he some kind of super hero?

Sunny: Oh, he’s Super all right but he wears no cape of power..besides I think he’s really only here for the food.

Anchor: Sooo…what exactly is he going to do to handle this situation?

Sunny: Eat cake, blow out candles and open some presents I guess.


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