Birthday Interview

Because time is totally against me this week, I have no choice but to post this early and when I say early I mean 1230 midnight kind of early. It’s one of those things where I would toss and turn the rest of the night stressing over when I could get this done…because stressing over getting homework done is over rated.

I apologize for the abrubt question answer session…sadly it’s very close to what it was last year so yeah…

ON to the interview…. No I did not get the kid up at midnight to do this. I planned a little bit ahead.

Fave Color-Red
Subject-Social Studies
Grow up- FBI Agent if Football thing doesn’t work out
Favorite Book- Lost Hero Percy Jackson Series
Best Memory of 11- Tackled Awesome in Football practice
Worst Memory- Being Grounded
Favorite TV Show-Tuff Puppy
Favorite Movie-Clash of The Titans
Sports Team- All Hail NYG!
Sports Star-Eli Manning
Movie Star- Eddy Murphy as Donkey in Shrek
Favorite Food-Pumpkin Pie
Favorite Place To Eat-Taco Bueno
Favorite Place To Go- Game Stop

Now I can rest easily tonight. Good night…morning whatever.


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