Day Book 3/28

Outside My Window: About this March coming in like a lion out like a lamb, they got it wrong. This cold weather has got to go. I only blame myself as I jumped the gun and packed up the winter clothes and brought out Spring. It seems like Mother Nature laughs every year at me. I will also admit right now, that I feel I’m counting down the days when the sno cone stand opens.

I Am Hearing: Nickelback-I Wanna Be a Rockstar. Im not a major fan but there it is.

I Am Thinking: Sigh. I made it through a grueling second week of classes. I was up until 1 last night trying to finish everything. 6 assignments just for one class. One of which was a 2-3 page paper on a project proposal. Not to mention quizzes and other classes with 2-3 pg. assignments due. This is where your supposed to feel sorry for me. I kind of got a late start so it’s nothing but my fault. I also underestimated my assignment load.

In Addition: I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow. It’s parent teacher conference day and I decided to take the day. I had semi high hopes of heading to the zoo with the new elephant exhibit. I thought I would get one over on the rest of OKC by going during the week when the rest of everyone is at work and school. Unfortunatley the weather pulled one over on me so it’s gonna be a no go on the zoo.

I Am Hoping to atleast get some stuff like cleaning done tomorrow or better yet get a good start on my classes. We’ll see how that goes.

Plans For the Week: Besides chilling out tomorrow, Friday is a big day in the WM247 hous. My big baby turns into a pre adolescant. The big 12. In two weeks my preemie turns 11. Stop The Madness! I’m way too young to have pre teens. Wait I did start kind of early at 20 so at least I’ll be the young hip mom when their 16 right? Maybe… Let’s not talk about my baby turning 16 that’s really long time away.
The plan is for a slumber party (hold me) bad it’s a “sleepover” when it involves boys. Have you seen the show Minute To Win It? They do these crazy what seems like simple tasks and have to do it in a minute. We’re totally doing some of the games for the party. Told you I was fun and hip.
P.S Prepare for interviews and baby pics. I’ll try to scan/upload some new baby pics so you dont see the same one’s I’ve posted for the last 4 years. You’re welcome.

Picture Thought: I tried uploading this to facebook but my phone or facebook is not liking my uploads.
Of course it finally uploads after I had given up hope that no one would get to experience my turkies. It’s the little things in life that make my mornings…taking pictures of it to share with all who care to see..even better.


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