To Whom It May Concern…

Dear 50ish- A Bit Over Weight- Sir,

While my family and I dined at a very sopshistacated establishment known as “The King of Burgers” there arose a bit of concern about your clothing choice or semi clad clothing choice as it were. This was, after all an establishment with some rather strict dress code enforcement. I think there may even be symbols on the door to reflect this enforcement; it came to our attention while dining on fine burger and fry with our dinner entertainment of the TV show “The Middles”. When my husband had to chortle to hold back his astonishment, he then motioned his concern to my attention.
There 20 feet before me was you kind sir, eating your delicious burger with your raggedy belted jeans (which the belt was doing nobody any justice) your pants half past moon and your delicate fancy sling shot green leopard panties showing. I admit I gasped in humor and horror. I could not control it.
I will say that you gave me the best laugh I’ve had all week and apologize for my family’s dramatic behavior as we frantically left before young clean minds no longer were cleansed and because my husband and I could no longer finish our sophisticated dinner. I apologize for my strange uncontrollable laughter as I was refilling my refined beverage.
I bid you good day and may the sun rise above your head and the moon never below it.

Yours Kindly

The WM247 Family.


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