Day Book 3/20

Outside My Window: Dark and more dark

I Am Hearing: Dogs rustling around and the eternal sounds of darling husband killing things on the computer. We rarely actually watch TV at night as it’s pretty much just background noise.

I am Thinking: It’s been a pretty blah weekend. I went to work Saturday for part of the day and that’s the only time I’ve left the house. Blah. I did get the spring summer wardrobes rearranged and now have 2 garbage bags full of clothes that are just worn out and to small. Somehow the oldest two’s wardrobe diminished dramatically and the youngests increased dramatically. It’s a good thing their birthdays are soon.

I am Hoping: For a decent week I guess. I’m sure it will be the same o same o. I actually worked a little bit ahead in my Illustrator class.

Plans for the week: I has none. It’s going to be party planning time very soon though. The month of March literally came in and out what feels like in the same week. That means April will be in and out just as fast.

Last Thought: This is probably the lamest Day Book I’ve done and probably shouldn’t have bothered. It’s all about depend on me every Monday for this as you know this is about all you’ll get for the week.
Picture Thought:

Do you want to know what I really do on the weekends when Im not catching up on homework, housework and facebook? I take pictures of the same thing over and over and over again until I get it right. You don’t want to know how many pictures I have of this stuffed reindeer. This one is still a bit out of focus. At least he was an easy target.


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