Let’s Get A Post In While Im Chomping At The Bit

In other words… I watch the last few minutes of basketball, which is very nerve racking when bracket lives are at stake. I don’t watch or have anything to do with basketball except during March Madness. It’s just so much more fun to have a bunch of different teams to root for. I usually do fairly well and end up at the top of the pack by the final two, this year not quite so much but I’m tied for tenth in one (yes I play more than one…I figure my odds are better that way) so better than 90th place in my other bracket. Curse you Pitt!

I took some pics of lizards..well one lizard and the moon tonight. The hubs is my strongest critic on the moon pics. I admit they weren’t the greatest even with a great camera..but I thought they were at least unique. It really is harder than you think.

At least some “things” cooperated.
He was a poser for sure.

In other random news… There are two pre adolescent boys up past their bedtime giggling and carrying on about Lord knows what. I went all out for dinner with corndogs and home fried tortilla chips. I think it was a hit. I’m all about making an impression.
A minute 15 left in the UConn Cincy game…like you care but at least I’m not too nervous on this one like the past couple. I’m looking at you Wisconsin and Pitt. Pitt, you broke my sweet heart bracket all to pieces. I can’t take that kind of stress. Don’t get me started on that San Diego St game…whew is all I gotta say.

OK..I’m totally rambling and i apologize.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get A Post In While Im Chomping At The Bit

  1. Can you believe that I didn’t get a bracket done in time!? First year ever that I didn’t do a bracket, thus I haven’t watched much bball! Glen actually went the the games at the BOK with ground floor seats, high-fiving the guys as they ran into the locker room! Bleh! Perks of being a coach in Jenks, I guess- free tickets.

    I love, love, love the pics of the lizard, and actually, I love the one of the moon too! Awesome!

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