Kidisms 3.0

Im combing through the archives. I love that I still have some random quotes from the boys when they were younger. I need to keep it up. Originally posted May 6, 2007

A few quips from the kids today…

Quoted this morning as bossyboy(2) was waiting for his waffles. “Wheres my waffles house?” -He’s never even been to a waffle house.

Wonderboy(7) “Your really starting to get on my nervous.” This was quoted as his older brother was singing in the car annoyingly.

Wonderboy(7) Last night when finishing up in the restroom. “Dad can I flush the commode?” We don’t say “commode” in this house, were not proper like that or anything. Where he got that from is beyond me.

Finally Gameboy had to add a couple of his one liners and most theological questions.
“You lick their socks off mom.” I was about to go after a bad puppy who had left us a present. I believe he meant to say knock their socks off. Licking socks is not my thang.
My Gameboy(8) being ever so philosophical: “Mom, do you think it’s easy having fun?” -The world may never know on that one.

On that note I end this with a little poem that was started at Rocks In My Dryer and wanted us to start our own. If your a mom you can relate to this.

Car keys in my dryer
Pokemon Cards on van floor
Hand sanitizer on my coffee table
Boogers on my shirt, not mine of course
Kitties in my lap
Puppie dog on my couch
A kiss on my ear
A hug on my knees
These are the things I hold dear to me.


2 thoughts on “Kidisms 3.0

  1. Cute! Actually I accidentally went over to your old blog site and I realized that I loved your header on that one too! 🙂

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