Day Book 3.14

I sure could use some pie right now…

Outside My Window: It’s cold but the sun is still up at 7pm. That I’m happy about. Though, driving to work at 7 this morning felt like I was driving in the middle of the night. I’ll take my longer evenings over the early dark any day. Saturday was pure bliss. We didn’t do anything but I did play around with the camera. (Here’s where you press fast forward on your dvr if you’ve already seen these on facebook.) Im starting to get the hang of it.

I Am Hearing: The blissful sound of silence. 1 and half of the boys is at grandmas and the other is spending the night with a friend. The hubs is still at work and it’s just me procrastinating on getting anything done.. as usual.

I Am Hoping: I have lots of hope, thoughts and prayers for Japan. So very sad.

I Am Thinking: Im not a big big fan of tagging people in pictures, I do think it’s a handy tool but don’t like that it instantly tries to make you tag someone whether it’s in Picasa or Facebook. I get the idea but when it’s an online thing I would think the person would want permission first. Maybe Im weird like that.
< Like tagging my kids..not gonna happen.
This boy…oh my heart. He may be a silly willy sometimes but then he does things like this. In case your confused this is Wonder Boy with out his glasses. He is rarely without his glasses this was a small treat to get a pic.
Then this stinker came along and had to get all monchromatic on me. Im usually not a fan of the brown and have always been kind of sad that I don’t have a blue eyed kid. This dark chocolate will do just fine.

Plans For The Week:
The boys are on Spring Break. I start another semester this week. Did I really have “spring break” last week..cause it’s like it didn’t even happen.

Before I even blink it will be Gameboy’s birthday. He will be 12 folks on the first. Buckle up cause it’s probably going to be a bumpy pre- teen ride.
P.S My blog had a birthday on the 4th of March, it’s 4yrs old. I would have totally slipped it by if Jen didn’t so happen to have a blog birthday the same month. It seems like I’ve been blogging way longer than just 4 years. Lot’s of ccchhannges since that time. Who would have known that I would have moved 2 more times and back to Oklahoma of all things. I may post some random oldies but goodies this week just for the heck of it.
BTW: I came home from work and there was a message on the machine for the hubs for yet another job opportunity ( I literally typed blog opportunity..) the hubs hasn’t submitted a resume since December. We think this one is based in Dallas. We haven’t gotten any confirmation on full time where he is now yet. So we kind of still have to leave the opportunity door ajar. Not that he’s going to up and go back to Dallas but he may check it out for grins and giggles and maybe I’ll get an excuse to take a mini vacation. Doubtful..

OKay last Picture Thought: There’s that boy again….

Mom don’t try to print out the pictures again…we all know what happened last time. šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Day Book 3.14

  1. I love brown eyes. I know I’m blessed with two blue eyed kids (which I still find so random btw) but I love me some chocolate brown eyes (like my husband’s).

    I’m with you on the Facebook tagging. Let me tag myself if I choose to, thank you very much.

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