Of Fires and Diet Pepsi

I’m not sure if our state wide fires hit the national news Friday, as there were far greater natural disasters going, but it did give our town and next town overs the spotlight of the local news (over powering the national news of the earthquake and tsumani). One major fire was two miles from the house. I kept facebook and my husband well updated. I admit I was a little spastic. When you can see the news helicopter hovering in the very near distance, it makes one nervous. The wind was blowing the other direction so we missed out on the smoky effect.. thank goodness. Let me just say our state song does not lie when it says “OKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweeping down the plains..” gusts of 30-40mph does not fair well in very warm dry conditions. The sad part is, we’ve just begun on storm/burn ban season.
We took a drive by on our way home today and for our side of town, I think it could have been a hundred times worse. We only saw one house burnt completely to the ground. Lots of way too close for comfort yards and church yards burnt up. You could tell people got to their houses in time to really water what they could. Sadly my childhood bff’s cousin’s house burnt down near the town overs high school that also burnt. My thoughts are with your family L!

I’m too sad to even mention the tsunami/earthquake as it sickens me the number of lives lost and our little disaster pales in comparison.
Moving on to a lighter note..because that’s how I roll I can’t just end it in depressing tragedy…

If you haven’t noticed the price of groceries and gas sky rocketing..well..you obviously don’t grocery shop much. Maybe your family stocks up really well like my husband. As I’ve mentioned in the past of my dear sweet husband and his tendencies to buy in bulk like the basil and oregano and the countless other times (don’t make me break out the archives). Today I mentioned 2 liters of Pepsi were on sale for $1 at Target. Which at this day in time is a good deal as the latest specials I’ve seen at our grocery stores have been $1.25..a crazy price to pay for the hubs and I’s petty addiction. (Don’t judge us on our caffienated beverage choices). Any who… somehow I convinced the hubs to go -anything to have a reason to step in Target.
When we got to the beverage aisle they were out, which I kind of feared. The hubs being the hubs, asked if they had any in the back. They told him they did and he asked how many. I knew right then this wasn’t going to be a 2-3 bottle kind of trip. We bought just about every last bottle of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi. They even loaded it in a crate thingy and opened up a lane just for us. 30 bottles total. If I’m lying Im dying. I don’t exaggerate when I say he buys in bulk. Don’t ask how many super large jars of peanut butter we bought.
Since we still had to actually get some food at the grocery store we stopped there next. To my chagrin Pepsi was on sale for .69! I thought I was going to get the smack down in aisle 12. Have I mentioned before, that the hubs and I don’t do well together at the grocery store? Needless to say we were limited to only 4 bottles, and yes we bought 4 more. Yes he tried to convince me to make a separate purchase to get an additional 4. I held my ground ladies, on that one. Soo…God forbid there be any more natural disasters, come to our place as there will be plenty of Pepsi and peanut butter for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Of Fires and Diet Pepsi

  1. I saw on FB where you mentioned about watering your roof.. I was wondering what was going on. The only thing the HORRIBLE.. TERRIBLE news in Japan has done.. is taken stupid Charlie Sheen out of the spotlight.

    I’m glad your home is in one piece.

  2. lmao on the pepsi and peanut butter, too funny! Dan and I don’t do well at the grocery store together either. As in I think I’ve officially made it a rule in the last couple weeks that I grocery shop alone now and our sanity is thankful!

    Sorry to hear about all the fires – scary stuff! glad to hear your house and home are safe!

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