Here Kitty Kitty

I am totally just posting to post so you would have to click over and finally see that I got rid of the pink! You’re Welcome! I admit I’m kind of proud of it and it took me all of 15 minutes. Keep it simple stupid is my motto. Just tell me you love it (better than the pink at least) and that your drooling over that font? What…just me? I admit I am a lover of the typography even more so now that I have some photoshop tricks up my sleeves. You knew I had to display the first pic taken with the camera didn’t you.

So…while Im here. How was your day? Mine was better after a chokingly difficult work day Monday (this is Tuesday for those of you reading tomorrow-slackers) It’s amazing how a total random act of “thinking of you kindness” can totally turn a not so great start of the morning to a much more bearable, who cares how the rest of the day goes, kind of day. My team lead which is a fancy term for immediate supervisor/trainer (not to be confused with boss) randomly buys me a Monster in the morning and sets it on my desk and leaves little sticky notes encouraging me to have a better day. Who’s supervisor does that? Mine does. Boo Ya
Now Im not an everyday Monster drinking kind of girl but she got me sorta hooked on them, only one kind and I don’t know what it’s called but it’s the yellow one and it tastes like pineapple. See totally an amateur at the Monster. Hence the inspiration for my yellow themed blog…not really but it sounded good.
I’m totally leaving you alone now. All this spare time of no school gets me a little rambly. What? You haven’t left yet? It ends right here unless your still oogling my fonts (that sounded kinda personal didn’t it?) in that case go right ahead.


2 thoughts on “Here Kitty Kitty

  1. Love the yellow – so cheerful! The font is super cool and oh my god I think your supervisor might be even cooler! Did I mention that Dan was offered a Team Lead position at his company? After less than two years with the place? I’m sort of maniacally proud of him. I’ll have to tell him about the Energy Drink / Post It Note idea so he can be an awesome Team Lead, too.

  2. I LOVE it! As a matter of fact, right when I pulled it up, I knew you had taken a pic of those beautiful daffodils! Perfect! You are just so creative! 🙂

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