Day Book 3/6

Outside My Window: Sunny and Breezy. I’ll take. I even broke out my flip flops.

I Am Hearing: Some boys playing in the background and that’s about it.

I Am Thinking: It’s going to be a busy week in the work place. An interesting busy week for sure. Lots of changes going on. None of which Im ecstatic about. Schedule changes on work front as well. We’re tying out the hubs working later and me working earlier to ease the burden on my dear mother who comes and cleans house watches the kids every day.

I Am Hoping: To have a fairly relaxing evening at home this week once the chaos of work is over. No homework means more time to blog catch up on my DVR and take pictures. This camera is a beast and I’m fairly overwhelmed. I’ve read the manuals like studying for a mid term. It’s going to be all about trial and error.

Plans For The Week. I think I covered that.

Picture Thoughts:
First of all if you didn’t see the my facebook video. Here are two snippets of my little MJ at work during his Special Olymics performance. Please see both..I promise you’ll be slightly entertained. The second one I didn’t post on Facebook but it’s my favorite part. 🙂

Ellen if your out there this boy wants to come to Hollywood and meet you. I’m just sayin.

I promise pretty pictures with the new camera ASAP… Right now it’s been hit or miss.


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