Day Book 2/27

*I just have to say first off that my lack of blogging content is inexcusable..well I have my (good) reasons but I still feel guilty. Let’s just say I’m wrapping up the semester with projects, assignments and forums (oh my).
Outside My Window: We were supposed to have some storms roll in but it appears they passed us big time. Gotta love those weather guys.

I Am Hearing: My hubby killing things in his little reality that isn’t very real.

I Am Thinking: This semester was a bit of a doozie, which means I guess that it really isn’t going to get any easier. If one thinks for half a second that “online” school has to be easier…it’s not. Trust Me. Are you still on the Dean’s list with 2 B’s and 1 A? I’m guessing it’s all about the GPA. I’m hating myself for the two B’s in (whispers) Photoshop and my Office class. I hang my head in shame.

I Am Hoping: Actually not really hoping just anxious for my precious to arrive. If you missed my announcement on facebook. I’m getting a new camera. (My new camera has a first name it’s N.I.K.O.N my new camera has a second name it’s D.31(hundred) and it should arrive this week. I “have” to have a DSLR for class eventually. We could order it from the school but then it would go on the student loans and we figured it just best to pay it, get the one we want and not pay interest on it, if that makes sense. I’m reeling in my brain what I want my first picture to be. Yes I’m weird like that. I also plan to really read the manual and know and learn all there is to know about my camera. We’ll see how that goes.

Plans For The Week: Finish up the last week of class. Next semester starts the 17th. The semesters are 9 week increments instead of 16. I had thought about showing off my Photoshop projects to you guys but I am still far from a pro at Photoshop and feel my work is really sub par. This makes me sad and frustrated.
Im also hoping the hubs will take me to see the High School’s showing of Greese Friday. Did I ever mention that on our honeymoon we watched Greese 1 and 2? We’re big fans of the Greese.

Other Thoughts: I realize Im rambling… and we’re walking… Next semester is Illustrator which I LOVE, History of Design (which should be interesting) and a Writing class.. which hello blog fodder.
All else is well in the land of WM247, can’t complain not much to say.

Picture Thought: I didn’t even break out the camera this week. I’ve been taking a few pics on my phone but other than that it’s been nada. Sad really. Let me dig in the archives because I know we all need eye candy in a plain blog post. It’s the least I can do for those of you who crank up the blog everyday in high hopes of something and get nothing.


3 thoughts on “Day Book 2/27

  1. Do not discount the work that goes into online schooling! People often speak negatively of my online doctoral program. However, I agree with you, those were much harder courses than I’ve ever had before! And, well worthwhile! Hang in there! You are awesome!

  2. I. am. so. jealous. of your N camera…
    And can I say. Invest in one of those field guides to your camera to go along with the manual. Find the one specific to your camera. You will NOT regret it! It really explains what all the features do instead of just telling you where to find them in the menu and how to turn them on and off. 🙂

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