Day Book 2/20

Outside My Window: Cloudy with a chance of Spring. Lets talk about the weather on the blog shall we?
The week before last, a city in our great state had the record low of negative 26 in state history. Which looked and felt a little something like this:

This week our great state had a record high of 82. Which is making my yard think Spring has Sprung finally so it’s doing a little bit of this:
Which pretty soon will look a little something like this:

(Oooh I can’t wait) Then it will freeze one last time before Spring kicks in cause it alway does.

I Am Hearing: The hum of my ‘puter and that’s it. Bliss

I Am Thinking: I don’t think I’ve been this excited about having a day off as I am about having tomorrow off. I GET THE ENTIRE HOUSE TO MYSELF FOR AT LEAST 7-8 HOURS! So much to do and still so little time to do it. Did I mention the hubs and kids have to go to school/work? WOOT!

I Am Hoping: To get a lot done! I’m also hoping that I don’t get in a mind set that I have the house to myself which means I have the DVR/TV to myself and one more episode of Idol will not hurt. I must stay focused…eye on the prize a hopefully semi clean house. Keeping my goals reachable!

Menu Plan: We cleaned up at the grocery store so I shouldn’t have a problem finding anything. It’s hard to plan when a husband is just throwing everything and anything in the grocery cart. Have I mentioned we’ve come out wanting to sign the divorce papers right there in the meat aisle? I’ve learned after almost 12 years of marriage, there’s nothing else I can do to break a strong minded man than just pout, bite my lip and go with it. GAH!

Plans For The Week: The regular stuff, and kick butt cleaning on my day off. Wish me luck on that. It’s 10:30 and I’m seriously thinking of getting started now when everyone has gone to bed. Mmmm…..

BTW: Saturday I went into work (which it totally was perfectly ok to go into work on a Saturday knowing you won’t be on the phone all day and you actually get work done with out added distractions) My co workers decided to hit a chick flick at the cheap movies as reward. Score on that, cause who else am I gonna watch a chick flick with?
We saw Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. Love her btw! Cute cute movie…so worth my $3.75, we wont mention how much my medium Mr. Pibb and small popcorn cost. Still a great time for a Saturday afternoon.

Picture Thought: Playing with my phone camera app.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 2/20

  1. Shopping with husbands is HARD. I am totally hearing you on this. The second we buy that house with that handy no two flights of stairs to carry all our HEAVY groceries up, my husband is going to be banished from grocery shopping with me because it suuuuucks. I think our marriage will improve tenfold on that day! haha

    That chick flick does look really cute, I look forward to seeing it on Netflix! Hope you are (somewhat responsibly) enjoying your day off!

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