Day Book 2/13

Outside My Window: Whatyoutalkinbout SnOklahoma? The snow is pretty much gone and warm weather has arrived. I had big plans to head to the car wash…so did the rest of the state. I figure I’ll do it sometime this week.

I Am Hearing: Children on the Wii. I’m wanting to get the internet on the Wii so I can watch the netflix on it. I know it’s probably something simple but I just haven’t messed with it yet.

I Am Thinking; I had a nice weekend. We spent most of it hanging out at Best Buy cause that’s what we do. I’m also thinking it will be super fantastic to drive MY car again, get a full week of work that doesn’t require using vacation time. (Im in the negative on time at this point).

Some Other Stuff I Did: Got my hair cut (finally), found a stylist that actually gave half a care about my hair and what I should use and a cute style for me. That’s an accomplishment in itself and it’s not a bob (again) and the hubs states it’s grown on him. Not saying the hair cut has literally grown on him cause that would be weird…nevermind I’m the one that’s weird.

I’m Hoping: I don’t have to take any more vacation/sick until May- that’s my goal at least.

Plans For The Week: No big plans for Valentines, my hubs spoiled me enough by letting me cut my hair and get a wax. I’ll take what I can get. He also got my car aligned and let me stop at Starbucks to spend the last of my giftcards. Such a romantic!

Menu Plan: I found an app for my phone that you can do your grocery list, enter if you have a coupon and enter your pantry items so it reminds you if/when things go low. I haven’t messed with it to much yet. I cannot wait to run out of something just so I can add it to my list on my phone. Squee!! P.S. if you have an awesome App that I must try out (and it’s free) let me know.
Monday: Penne A La Betsy
Tuesday: Steak and scalloped potatoes. Did I mention we bought a quarter of a hind of buffalo? Long story and yes it involves my husband…
Wednesday: Corn Dogs
Thursday: Buffalo Helper
Friday: Not sure

Picture Thought:
Happy Valentines! I love you all..for reals!

P.S. Future post reminders (this is more for me than you, cause I’ll forget) The Angry Birds Prodigy, Grocery Store Geriatrics. P.S.S There will also be a first post on 3 Kid Critics soon…like when my homework is done and everything else, probably next year.


3 thoughts on “Day Book 2/13

  1. You have some cherry cordials left??? Because of you, I have been on a mad hunt for those silly things! I did find them; and loved them!!! But, ours were gone within only a couple days! Happy V-day!

  2. I’m not sure how the internet works on the Wii… not too well I don’t think. But getting Netflix on there is easy. All you do is request the Wii DVD from your computer account, they mail it to you and then you set it up! Do it, you won’t regret it! 🙂

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