Let’s See…What’s Up With Me

Besides this crazy snow. Please tell me that this is the end of this little chapter of winter and spring literally starts next week? It’s supposed to be almost 70 next week so here’s hoping on that Spring thang.
Our driveway while attempting to use our fancy snow shovel blower thingy
Our driveway after our awesome neighbor came again and plowed it all away with his tractor. Everyone should have a neighbor like that. You can’t have mine though.

The hubs has barely started his job and there’s already talk from his boss that she has to wait 30 days and she’s very anxious for that 30 days to end so he can start full time. I’m just the messenger. No guarantees yet but it sounds almost to good to be true. Supposedly your more desirable to be hired when your working. The hubs got an interview offer in Tennessee. He probably submitted a resume in desperation a few months back and now that he’s working they want him. Had we known this he would have been doing a temp thing a long time ago. I tried to tell him…

My middle son requested a photo post. He would love to have his own facebook page and post his randomness. Someday son someday.

He’s on a Beatles kick. He still loves his MJ but strangely the Beatles have snuck in. This is Abby Road. Please forgive all other distractions like articles of clothing strung every which a where. I didn’t notice the smaller Beatles at the bottom. He claims to be Paul. Im not sure why and I don’t ask questions I just do.

Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.. better yet watch me tell you about my new site that’s almost ready.
3 Kid Critics -kid tested..kid reviewed. Pretty self explanatory..it’s a review site with a twist the boys are the reviewers and they will rate whatever it is based on a letter grade like in school plus a blurb of what they liked disliked. The hubs and I have actually had this baby in our heads for awhile but haven’t put it out yet. We bought the url (still working on getting all the hamster wheels in place on blogger) I’ll let you know when to check it out. I know as if I don’t have anything better to do. I figure it’s a good way to get something like this going for my future career, so I can tinker around with code, help the kids with the reviews and posting ect.. and spread the word about the site and possibly do ad stuff and what not. Im hoping it will take off and allow me to work on it full time…when our ship comes in.


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