Day Book 2-07-11

(thank heaven for 2- 7-11..wait never mind)

Outside My Window: We’re in for another wild snow storm this week. THIS IS CRAZY! This never happens here. We get our snow it does it’s thing, we’re out of commission for a day or two and then we carry on for most of the winter with out any more major chaos. This is a record year for sure. The kids will be going to school until July to make up all these days.

I Am Hearing: The sound of silence.. The hubs has exhausted himself to bed and it’s just me and the dogs chillin before we head to bed.

I Am Thinking: I actually haven’t experienced the doomsday shopping sprees that people have been on the last few days. It’s basically at emergency status. No bread, eggs, produce, pretty much nothing. We are just getting by with what we have for now. If we do need stuff there is the gas stations and wait for it… the drug store to get the main provisions like milk and dr. pepper. That’s exactly where we’ve been shopping for now. I just can’t imagine the crowds and crazy right now at the grocery stores themselves. It’s too much stress.

I Am Hoping: This is the last round of snow craziness. I’ve been working the last two Saturdays to make up whatever time I’ve taken off for non work snow days. Im so over you winter and the rest of the country is too!

Other Thoughts: In case you missed it on facebook..the hubs got that other job the same day as the interview. Just when I thought that funny e-mail resume response was fast, this was even better a “we want to hire you” response.
The hubs was ecstatic about this job because this job is where he wants to start out to add to his resume once he’s out of school to show his experience. It is still temp for now, but the outlook is much more promising for a permanent. Oh and he was wrong on the pay it’s pretty much the same as the other job was. woot!

Plans For The Week: Survive yet another winter storm. This time I’m cleaning clutter and taking names. I will vow to not just sit around and facebook, play angry birds all day. We’ll see how that goes.

Picture Thoughts: I forgot to add pics of snowy week last week. As if you haven’t seen enough snow pics to last you right?

I have to say that sunlight plus snow equals awesome lighting.

Just one more…


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