A Few Random Things

I realized it’s been awhile since I just let the random thoughts go and list them out like back in the day when I blogged everyday…as my middle kid would say; “good times…good times..” Yes the boy talks as if he is 80 remembering yester year.

-The snow has come and gone. The below freezing temps have not. We’re talking 3 degrees. This leads to refreeze of melted snow in the morning, which leads to school being closed another day-Thursday. Thankfully my work has also closed the past few days (which NEVER happens) so it looks like I will have to bite the bullet and take a vacay day tomorrow. Im ok with that, the cabin fever not so ok.

-My children have become addicts of Angry Birds. That is literally all they did all day, except for that 10 minutes we went out in the crazy freezing cold. I’m just glad school keeps me busy enough to not go too stir crazy inside.

-My neighbor is awesome, he has a bobcat tractor and plowed our driveway with out a hey neighbor I’m going to plow your driveway because I want too..he just did it. If you know our driveway then you would know that it’s the longest driveway this side of the Mississippi and a pain in the arse to shovel. It really does take a tractor to do it. Took him two or three passes and he was done in 15 minutes tops.

-Question? Why does my popcorn box have it in part Spanish part English? Nevermind…sorry I asked.

-I’m beginning to think my Mac&Cheese has lost that yummy tasting. I think it’s partly because I have to literally cook 3 boxes just to feed us (three growing boys plus one hungry man and three boxes is really still not enough) and that makes it more gunky. I use a big pot and let it get nice and boiling but ick…today’s was not good at all. It could also be that me and mac&cheese have broken up a long time ago.

-The hubs is liking his job but there’s a small problem. He’s just on contract so it’s not permanent. They are on a hiring freeze so no permanent right now. Most of the people there in his area are temps. So getting his foot in the door here is going to be tricky. Don’t get us wrong we are SO THANKFUL he’s working, but he’s looking elsewhere. He’s got another interview tomorrow that is closer but pays $1.50 less. It’s also a temp gig but he thinks he may have a better opportunity to get in the door. We’ll have to see how that goes. I would just feel so much better if we had a sure thing. Relieved for now yes..but tomorrow who knows.

-I also have to say that when I was a SAHM for that short blissful time, I don’t remember this ridiculous craziness I’ve felt the last 3 days (maybe it’s the cabin fever speaking). So hats off to my SAHM home girls who do this every. single. day.


One thought on “A Few Random Things

  1. Hurray for awesome neighbors. I hope your husband can figure out something more permanent or at least with more promise for permanent. It’s definitely no fun to be so unsure of things. Crossing my fingers for you on the interview prospect.

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