Daybook 01/31

Outside My Window: Just in case you don’t know “THE SNOAPOCOLIPSE IS COMING!!” It’s not here yet but school is already closed and it’s going to be crazy cold and blizzard conditions.

I Am Hearing: Our state’s cherished weatherman explain that we may have thunder snow, and it’s going to be a raging storm. Yay!

I Am Hoping: Work decides to bite the bullet and close. They’ve never closed..they have opened and then decided to close, which is pointless if you took hours to get to work only to turn around and leave within a few hours of getting there.

I Am Thinking: We have all our provisions: cheetos, dr. pepper, milk and cookies. We should be good for a day or two.

Plans For The Week: My plans are to survive the blizzard and see how things go the rest of the week. It’s going to be interesting for sure.

Menu Plan: I did have a menu plan but I didn’t quite get any major shopping done and since the world is ending the stores have been beyond crazy …like no parking…think worse than Christmas Eve shopping kind of bad. Cars lined outside the road waiting for a parking spot. It’s ok people we’ll be ok!

Additional Thoughts: I have now made it to the 21st century and am now in me+ phone + internet= angry birds. So I feel all hip and cool that I check facebook, play this hip game the kids call angry birds and gasp…listen to pandora!
Because really I have nothing else to do those other 24 hours of the day.

Picture Thought: My picture taking the past few weeks has been a big fat zero, including my 365 project. I thinking Im going to have to call it quits on that one. Sorry! Right now school has been priority and well yeah that’s the gist of that. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow (depending on a) the windchill, b) me working and c0 the blizzard itself.) I think it will stick around for awhile so there’s that.


2 thoughts on “Daybook 01/31

  1. I am addicted to angry birds. Did you know that if you can’t pass a level, you can go to YouTube and they have videos to show you how it’s done? Yes, I am a cheater!

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