Day Book 01/23/11

Outside My Window; Sunny but very cold! The boys were able to play outside for a bit yesterday not so much today.

I Am Hearing: The Bears and the Packers. I’m not completely rooting for anyone in particular but maybe sorta the Packers. I have friends rooting for the pack, a blog friend living in Wisconsin, my former work place was based out of Wisconsin, so yeah I’ll be a cheese head. I’d be happy if they won it all.

I Am Hoping: We get the paperwork done this week to close a deal were doing. I know it sounds all mysterious and secretive. It’s really not but then I don’t want to get all excited about it until the deal is done. I may explain later. I really don’t have to be secretive but then I’m not one to blast all my laundry on the internets. It will be a small blessing once it’s said and done.

I Am Thinking: It is so nice to think “oh I have to go to work tomorrow” and not feel the sickening dread. It’s “oh I gotta work tomorrow no big.” I know I say it like every single time I post, but it’s true.

Menu For The Week: This one is tentative on a bunch of factors
Monday: Pork Roast in the crockpot
Tuesday: Pizza and or leftovers
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Pork Chops
Friday: Chicken and Dumplings

Plans For The Week: Sometime this week we hope to take care of that thing I mentioned. Also Gameboy’s buddy is staying over with us as his parents have business to take care of early one morning, so they asked if he could stay. Should be interesting. Gameboy has been spending every other weekend with his buddy, which means he’s that much closer to not ever wanting to hang with his parents again. The kid chose to eat hot dogs to spend the night than going to dinner with mom and dad…this kid hates hot dogs.

Picture Thoughts: I found these awesome pics buried in the realm of dispair that is my middle son’s closet. If you don’t know half of my “stuff” from childhood is still strewn about in boxes in MY former closet. I’m still working to get rid of most of (my) clutter. At first I had no clue who this little girl was or what the heck was wrong with her hair. Then I saw the lunch pail and realized it was yours truly on her first day of kindergarten. Bless her heart.

Then this little gem came up
With my father’s perfect timing, my reaction of my sister grabbing my nose, and the awesomeness of my mother in rollers makes this one true keeper. The groovy couch and sheet is awesome too.
I’m pretty sure I lived in this swim suit. I’m also pretty sure that this was the only kind of stroller they had back in 83-84. Basically a seat on wheels. Good enough during those times I guess.


3 thoughts on “Day Book 01/23/11

  1. Those pictures are just terrific and your menu plan sounds yummy, now I am wanting chicken and dumplings! Also, I’ve decided to just go ahead and declare myself a Packers fan. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never watched any of their games right?

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