Some More Thoughts On Social Media Games

I’m up late and very tired. I have forum discussions for my photoshop class that is due tonight but this evening has been a whirl wind of business stuff we had to handle (a post for another day or not) and we got home late and my brain can’t take discussing my thoughts on’ “How Studies of the Science of Vision Changed Color in Art” I know what you’re saying; “but your on the Dean’s list now…and you have to keep your bragging rights” I admit, holding my reputation is stressing me out a bit.

What’s this have to do with social media games? Absolutely nothing…

I kind of mentioned my addictions for them before and why I was addicted. Today I want to talk about the method to my madness. (You never know, this could become a lecture series..and NPR may want to get back in contact with me..I gotta have my stuff together)

1. First of all for the record: I would never spam you specifically (on purpose) with requests if you don’t play (if you do play then your S.O.L). If you don’t play and you get those crazy messages stating that “Jean could really use half a dozen nails to build her turkey hutch, that was to be completed at Thanksgiving time but she just now completed it. Please send her nails now so she doesn’t cry and feel that no one loves her or her turkeys.” you can click a setting to ignore those notices. I haven’t messed around to know how.. but you can. Since I sorta need people’s spammy messages I don’t ignore them. Sorry I’m no help there. I could look it up but really..I’m not.

2. There is a method to my madness. Maybe..Maybe not.

3. I don’t like to have a gazillion of the same thing. I have no qualms with people who literally have 50 plus chickens on their farm, but is it really necessary? Personally I feel less is best.

4. Collections (for those who don’t play or care to understand I apologize) the one thing I do like to have a lot of is the sheep in farmrville specifically, the ones that are based on the holiday. Their names are so cute to fit sheep. I realize I’m completely out of my mind. The collections in frontierville Ive learned(the hard way) that you shouldn’t turn them in unless you have a plethora of a full set. I’ve learned that future quests may need items that are also part of a collection.

5. I tend to flip flop. I was really gung ho hooked on frontierville and gushed and praised it. Then the steam burned out and the quests were just too ridiculous and took forever. So I went back to farmville and that went well. Then I got bored with farmville again and back to frontierville. You can always tell if I have no crops growing or their all dead on which game I’ve flipped to that week/month. Sadly both right now are holding my attention as if I somehow have all this time. Curse you cupid castle, and expanded land!
I was going to go with 13 but I may want to make this a series..that or I’m just sparing you. Some of you have actual lives.


One thought on “Some More Thoughts On Social Media Games

  1. Fronterville has been getting on my nerves more so than usual. It loads poorly and all the little missions were just impossible for me to complete and so my love turned to frontierville which is just easy enough to keep me coming back for more – and it loads marginally better for me – bonus points!

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