Day Book 01/16/11

Outside My Window: It’s dusky. This weekend was nice not too chilly at all.

I Am Hearing: A son complain to me that I was wrong about the Patriots and that they are NOT playing the Seahawks but the JETS big difference MOM! Duh! Oops. btw we are rooting for the Jets in case you wanted to know.

I Am Thinking: I have high hopes that this will be a better week. I’m also thinking it’s not fair the hubs gets a day off for MLK day. He doesn’t get paid of course but still….

Also.. I dusted off my blogger account as I have a little project in mind. I have to say I was a bit impressed with the templates and editing capabilities that make everything simple. Back in the day I was editing the html myself which probably was good experience for me. Since I’ve jumped ship and went to WordPress I haven’t messed with code at all (because I can’t and it’s different). I’m kind of thinking of heading back, the only problem is you can’t import from wordpress into blogger. Which I would hate to have a huge gap of posts and just pick up where I started. I don’t know yet though.

I Am Hoping: My hubs will finish this wild banshee of a 6 year old’s haircut. He is going through some wild stage of complain complain about everything. Sigh!

Menu Plan For The Week: (I know!) Look at me I have a plan and I’ve been posting more. What’s the world coming too?
Monday:Beans and Corn Bread
Tuesday: Chickin Broccoli Cheese and Rice Casserole
Wednesday: Chili Dogs and Fries
Thursday: Frozen’s not delivery it’s Dijorno. For frozen pizza this stuff is the bomb and it was on sale this week. I would so rather have it than “Little Cheapers”
Friday: Pasta Figoli Soup

I’m so glad to be back to buying groceries and planning dinner. I will say that we went through a few weeks of just trying to get by and living on mac and cheese, pbj’s and whatever was cheap. We could have applied for assistance but by the time we were about to start that process the hubs had potential prospects and we knew it would take a sweet forever to get the benefits. We made it, thank goodness! I didn’t like talking about it as there’s so many other people way off than us. Hopefully we never have to go through that again.

Plans For The Week: No big plans this week. We finally got our car woes straightened out. Of course it was something rather basic, in other words the part was cheap and the labor cheap. Sadly they didn’t figure it out until the 3rd return within a week. Luckily they were very nice to not charge us the additional labor and parts after fixing everything else but what needed fixed.

Picture Thought:
This is Bossy Boy showing off his MJ moves. We’ll be putting him on So You Think Can Dance real soon. Pardon that he’s not wearing a shirt we were in mid hair cut mode.

This boy sings and dances to MJ with out the wii. I caught him this morning dancing in the mirror.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 01/16/11

  1. Look at you with all these posts! I had limited myself to looking for one about once per week or so; I was becoming stalker-like with my frequent checking for new posts. So, I had 3 to catch up on! I actually miss your SAHM days when I could count on one every day to start me off while drinking coffee at work! I hope things begin to get a little better in your neck of the woods! Here’s hoping I can stop by and see you guys in our fly-by trip for Karis’ bday party this weekend!

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