The Quest For Cherry Filled Kisses

Sometime around Thanksgiving my co-worker BFF mentioned cherry filled kisses; something I had never heard of in all my existence. Where I have been? I always felt I was in the know of all things chocolate and filled with yummy things.

I mentioned it to the hubs as he is a major fan of the chocolate filled cherries. He too indeed had heard of them and looked at me as if I had lived under a rock. So the search was on before Christmas to find cherry filled kisses. They are very hard to find as in they are no where to be found. We went everywhere imaginable and they had every other flavor that I had no idea they had; peppermint kisses, caramel, meltaway, and even coconut cream. Most are seasonal though. We looked for days (literally) anytime we were at the store of any kind we looked with no success. I chalked it off as it wasn’t meant to be. Heck I honestly completely forgot about them once the holidays were over.

My hubs is one to be driving along and drive completely off the beaten path with out telling what his plan is or where he’s going. It drives the kids and I crazy. He pulls into one of the chain drug stores. We didn’t need anything from the drug store as far as I was concerned, he was a man on a mission for “As Seen on TV” oven mitts (don’t ask). The kids and I waited in the rental SUV (did I mention I’m enjoying our little rental despite the circumstances?) the hubs comes out bearing no As Seen on TV oven mitts but two ginormous bottles of hand sanitizer (?!) and some silly banz. The silly banz is yet another quest we are on. I realized I’ve slacked on providing you any trivial information about my addictions and the kids doings. Yes, I’ve jumped on the silly banz craze. Yes, I realize I’m 33 and this is a fad for the pre-adolescence. Yes, the boys wear silly banz too. We’re on a quest for bird/owl or butterfly banz..for me. It’s gotten to where the oldest has become my tradesman at school. It’s a sickness… I need help.

Where was I? Ah yes ginormous bottles of hand sanitizer… They didn’t have any oven mitts. I put the sack down feeling defeated and the hubs mentioned that I missed something. I check and he had found the holy grail of cherry filled kisses. I instantly grab the bag and open one up and pop it in my mouth. DELIGHT! It’s the perfect size. The regular chocolates with cherry are too rich and much for me and one is plenty. These little babies are perfect and yes you need more than one. He stated they only had 3 bags left. My hubs only got one. I looked at him as though he had three heads. You only got one? This from the man who buys 10 pounds of oregano because it’s a good deal, this from a man who just bought two ginormous bottles of hand sanitizer just because it was on sale, only got 1 bag of the rare and precious cherry filled kisses? Has he gone mad? He didn’t think we needed more than one. Of course we don’t NEED more than one but when has that ever stopped him before? I insisted he go back in and buy the other 2 bags. You don’t miss an opportunity like this and just think you only need one bag.
Besides, I made the Dean’s list and I DESERVE 3 bags! 🙂


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