As If The Week Wasn’t Bad Enough, They Went And Took My Sign From Me

Did you hear about the zodiac sign change? I’m not big on the horoscopes but really?
This week as I’ve mentioned half a dozen times on facebook, has not been the fantastic week I had in my head. You know the one where my hubs goes back to work. Where we were supposed to traipsy out the door together and kiss good bye and say, things are finally looking up! I guess we had to have a few last blows before it’s all said and done.
I mentioned the hubs vehicle. We haven’t had nary a problem all this time while he was home and it was convenient. They supposedly fixed the car but not really. We just got it back yesterday and it drove home fine according to my father. He started it up to put it back in the garage and it was suddenly a no go. So we had to make an impromptu visit to the rental car place early this morning (of course the economy car was out so we had to go with the more expensive version) making me late for work.
Work has been crazy overwhelmingly busy and it doesn’t help being the newbie. Just think of staring at Excel all day and running figure after figure for reports and they don’t ever stop coming. I’m not complaining by any means because I have that flexibility that I sooo needed today. Sigh!
I get home and the oldest announces he’s thrown up 4 times today at school and wasn’t able to get a hold of me. *whispers he didn’t have my new work number* Just hand me over my mom of the year crown now, I like mine encased in diamonds and rubies.
I’m not sure why I felt compelled to document and complain about my week. I’m just trying to reassure that it really is going to get better from here. I can take a few last blows…I suppose. The week is pretty much over now anyway. I can take it.


One thought on “As If The Week Wasn’t Bad Enough, They Went And Took My Sign From Me

  1. Sometimes you have to waver the storm before you can get back to the calm. Out like a lion, right? And this whole zodiac thing is ridiculous. Does this mean we all have to adapt new personalities to go along with our new sign?

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