I Used To Be Good At This SAHM Thing

*SAHM-stay at home mom (for those not in the know).

I’m on day 2 of flu fest 2011. He (Bossy Boy) is better for the most part, we just have to get over that fever free 24 hr window. The school is picky about things like that. I know that the flu shot is the rage but I’m kind of on the fence about it…which is a post for another millennium.

Yesterday was a bit challenging. Let’s just say that nothing made this kid happy or at least content. His blanket was “too soft”, He hated the pillow he had. He didn’t want to watch those baby shows on T.V., All foods of any kind had something wrong with it. Apple juice makes him cough, toast is too crunchy. .. You get my drift, it was not rainbows and purple kittens.

To put a cherry on top of our flu sundae, the hubs on his second day of work, had his vehicle stall out on him again. I suppose it was a small blessing I decided to hold off another day,  as both of us (hooray!) need to get to work and we work on opposite ends of the city. Car pooling is not an option. Hopefully they can get it fixed otherwise we’ll have to rent a car. So now I’m literally stuck at the house with no vehicle whatsoever. Sure I could be really productive and re organize the kids bedrooms or steam mop my kitchen floors (which is my favorite thing to do now) but I was pretty darn productive yesterday, so I figured working on my school assignments (So fun!-seriously) and watching Kung Fu Panda (a step up from yesterday’s Scooby Doo) is so much better than ahem… “working”.


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