Day Book 1/2/11

Outside My Window: It was a really nice day overall for winter. It was more like fall with out the pretty and chilly and crisp.

I Am Hearing: The boys cleaning their rooms (at least their supposed to be) and the hubs is playing WoW on the computer, so lots of fighting sounds.

I Am Thinking: The boys get one more day off, because really? It’s always been that way for my hometown school. The teachers need a “professional” day to start the New Year. Sadly for the boys they will be working firewood for most of their day off. The firewood post is a post for another day. We’re trying to start a firewood business…sorta. I say we when in reality I have nothing to do with it and I’m OK with that.

I Am Hoping: All works out for the after/before school care of the kids, once the hubs finally starts on Jan 10. We still are trying to be cautious of any finalization that he’s starting, mainly because we’re paranoid. I’m not ecstatic about the fact that I will need to go in the office later and leave later, this will help us at least in the mornings of getting them off to school. I figure it gives me that time to get a few things done and actually get to send them off to school. Which I haven’t gotten to really do the past year. I know it will all work out and so glad my new position allows me the flexibility to do that. I’m thinking the Master has planned this out from the get go..cause he’s good like that.

Plans For The Week: I’ve been busy trying to get everything caught up on the cleaning of the house, before I dive back into another full plate of work and school. At least this semester I don’t have football practice and games to get in my way. My steam mop has been awesome by the way. Just sayin…
No other major plans for the week. I love the fact that I don’t have that sickening dreadful feeling of going to work. It does have it’s challenges but I’m still learning.
Picture Thought: How about some wild and crazy New Years revelers?

Wild and Crazy Kids!


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