Day Book 12/26

Outside My Window: At this point it gets pretty redundant. No white Christmas this year. If you may recall (or not) we had a massive blizzard last year at Christmas. This year just clear and cold.

I Am Hearing: Lord of the Rings Twin Towers. We’ve been kind of doing a marathon over the weekend. Well one a night anyway.

I Am Thinking: We had a very blessed Christmas. The kids got their top item on their list along with a few extras. The kids didn’t even notice it was “simpler” than before. Once the top items were taken care of by Santa (Santa is awesome it is no wonder that he’s a saint) we probably spent $25 dollars on each kid. I got Wonder Boy a mp3 player since he was constantly taking mine, that I will have to take back. Cheaper isn’t always better. It didn’t even turn on with a brand new battery. I figured it wouldn’t last long but for it not to even work is not good. We’ll take it back and I’m just going to give him mine and hope in the near future (i) get a (phone) that also plays the tunes..if you know what I mean.

I Am Hoping: For a good week, which it should be. I have to say what a totally different world I work in. It’s been a very very long time since I worked in an environment that did not monitor my every move.. clock out lunch, clock out to potty, clock out break and everything is on a set schedule. I really don’t even know what to do with myself on the flexibility. Where before I constantly watched the clock now I’m like, “it’s already late in the afternoon!” It’s awesome! Once I get the hang of things I’ll be able to plug in my tunes and just do my own thing. I will say that it is a lot of figures and getting things right, because mistakes are costly for sure. There is a lot of checks and balances and double checks, so that’s reassuring.

Plans For The Week: Just another work week for sure. The hubs had mentioned we may do the downtown New Years Eve thing but we’ll see. I also think I want to head back to Sears of all places. They had some awesome sales on boys clothes and what I thought was the sale price on the tag, was in fact the original sale price and they were reduced again. I got jeans for $6.99 and long sleeve shirts for $4.99. Had a known that before check out I would have loaded up. I only spent half my gift card. Even the checker was impressed. Woot! The shoes however, were not on sale and so I did not partake.

Hopefully everyone had a super fantastic Christmas!
Picture Thought: Wonder Boy is OBSESSED with Michael Jackson and once he saw the wii dance game it was his #1 on his list for sure. I will say that who doesn’t love to get their exercisedance on to MJ? Yes there may or may not be a pic or two of me also getting my dance on. It really is a pretty good work out.


2 thoughts on “Day Book 12/26

  1. Sounds like you and the boys had a great Christmas! Sorry the MP3 player didn’t work! Electronics don’t like you very much, do they? I remember your VADO didn’t work out of the box either!

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