We’re Hopeful But Still Holding Our Breath

The hubs did get that call for the assistant manager, he also has set forth for the big computer job. The situation is the computer job pays a comfortable deal more and he won’t have to work overtime like the assistant job. He’s pretty much set to start on the 10th (it’s a contract job and if he minds his p’s and q’s should get hired on full time). He’s waiting back to hear on the assistant job and should know by end of week.

Decisions Decisions…

He still just has to wait for the finalizations for the computer job but he’s pretty much in. We’re not going to jump for joy until he’s literally walked in to that place of work and clocked in. That’s just how conservative we feel about it. We’ve learned this past year and half, the hopes and excitement have to take a back seat on the bus.

We have been so not in the Christmas cheer to even be in the giving spirit this year. We have tried twice now to enter the realm of shopping and leave with deodorant or laundry detergent and not so much gifts for our children or others. We have to keep it low key due to the times. We’ve almost come to the point of Santa just putting $20 of ones for each kid then let them pick what they want. Santa you’re so lame.
I will say we scored on a gag gift for my dad. Hilarity will ensue.

Oh and my job thing… it’s overwhelming for now but I’m not on the phone, in fact at this moment I don’t even have a phone. I will say this time last year I was in the same place feeling like I’m not ever going to “get it” and blah blah blah and here I am full circle. It will all work out once I get the hang of things. Please slap me in the head and remind me that today was my first day and I shouldn’t expect to just roll with it on the first day.


2 thoughts on “We’re Hopeful But Still Holding Our Breath

  1. ::slaps you in the head:: It was your first day, silly! It is bound to get much better quickly, I’m sure – you’re so clever, you’ll catch on quick.

    Good luck to your hubby deciding which route to take. I predict next christmas will be very different from this one. I hope your boys find something pleasant to wake up to on Christmas morning. Remember, sometimes less is more. 🙂

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