Day Book 12/19

Outside My Window; Another dark and chilly night. Today was actually pleasantly mild.

I’m Hearing: 60 Minutes…which I shouldn’t as it only makes me more depressed about the whole economic state in general.

I’m Thinking: This week is going to be a life changing week in many different ways.
I’m freaking out and a little excited at the same time.

I’m Hoping: I’m really hoping THIS is the week and I never have to hope upon hopes for a very long time. I really feel it’s going to make or break me in a lot of ways. (can I be more vague?)

Plans For This Week: Here’s where I break it all down for you. You’re Welcome!
First a side story (I’m sorry) As you know the week before last wasn’t the best week. That whole hope thing got too high..again. This past week the hubs had an interview for assistant manager. It sounded very promising and all hope is high again (which is getting really old) they called the next day and stated we must wait for a 2nd interview with the regional manager. Our hopes went crashing down a bit as no doubt; they wouldn’t dare set an interview the week of Christmas and who knows if we’d even get a call back at all. Then we were wrong. They called Friday night just as we were leaving to look at Christmas lights, to set up a 2nd interview for this Tuesday. Who calls for an interview with a regional manager late in the evening? Again we hope! Big Man Upstairs this would be my Christmas miracle! Because the timing could not be more perfect and the hubs schedule would work perfectly with my new schedule which means the kids would not need child care as one or the other of us would be home. It does mean seeing the hubs less but we’d remedy that by seeing him as often as possible. Bonus he’d work just down the street.
He’s also got an interview with a giant computer company, it would only be contract work and not permanent, he’d be working “normal” hours which we could do it would just be a challenge.
It really is going to come down to who offers first. Sigh! The stress is really going to put me to the funny farm.
Oh and I start my “new job” Tuesday. To say I’m beyond ecstatic is an under statement. Yeah and then there’s Christmas can we just get it over with already
. It’s either going to be the greatest or the not so greatest.
That about covers it. Let’s all hope for the best and see you on the flip side.


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