So Here We Are Back Where We Were

I am not about to make this another wallowing in my mud of self pity, as hard as that is not to do. This past week wasn’t the worst week ever, so we’ll just leave it at that. I’m sure you get my drift. I would only like to accentuate the positive or at least search deeply for it. It’s probably down here in the crevices of the couch somewhere where everything else winds up…

-I had a nice mini mom’s night out on Wednesday after the office Christmas party.

-I am deeply thankful for my Christmas bonus, it’s not enough to buy the family swimming pool but it has already helped out on some things we need.

-I am also grateful for a compassionate teacher that is Wonderboy’s; she took care of a few things that she really really didn’t have to do. Special teachers certainly have a VIP spot in heaven, I’m pretty certain.

-I finished school with 2 shiny A’s and a B+ with just one minor nudge of a digit and it would be an A but I’m not going to stress about it, but I did feel justified to tell you that anyway. There’s still a few more grades waiting to post so who knows it could still get that nudge it needs. To bad I’m to old for Chuckie Cheez tokens.

-This means I’m done with my first semester of going back to college after 12 years and I can now say “I did it” even working full time and juggling a household all the while managing my sanity (a little). Now I’m going to catch up on laundry as I think my super woman cape is a little dirty.

-Did you check my header yet? Didjya see my candy canes? I made them all by myself (with a little tutorial help) and I must say that I’m pretty darn proud of them. Their so realistic you almost want to lick them and they sorta look like a photograph of candy canes don’t they? (humor me) Nope those are bonefied vector graphics made by yours truly in Illustrator. Make that one graphic, the rest are just copied and pasted. You want some now for your header too don’t you?
I will say that Photoshop has been the vain of my existence these past few weeks, I’m not sure why I’m having such difficulties even the online tutorials skip basic steps, that they assume you know, when in fact that’s the very step I need help with. I have no problems for the most part with Illustrator. All of my Photoshop problems will be solved next semester as I take a full class on Photoshop, not just any Photoshop but Photoshop CS5! How ’bout them apples? Yeah I admit I’m a little excited about that. The projects are going to be endless I imagine and I’m so ready!

I start my new position next week. I’ll make it another week I suppose.

I think that about does it. I’m feeling a little better. I have big plans for a 365 project for the new year. My blog buddy Jen at Mommablogsalot did the 365 project this past year taking a picture and posting it every single day. They have a whole site for it and everything. My plan is to take a picture of this water tower every single day to show just how different a day can be. I’m not sure why this tower that I can see as I leave my driveway each morning, gives me hope and strength each day but it does and some days are just gorgeous with the sunrise. There are days that it will be a bit redundant but such is life and that’s kind of my artsy way of going about it. I also plan to note at least one thing of gratitude for each post. The key is to stick with this everyday for the next year, which of course could be the biggest challenge yet. Hopefully I will be able to come 360 in the coming year and finally say “Oh what a difference a year can make.” I will kiss the day I write the title of that post. Can you tell I’m ready to say good riddance to 2010?


One thought on “So Here We Are Back Where We Were

  1. I am SO impressed with those candy canes! I can’t believe you actually made those! So jealous of all the cool things you are learning right now!

    Good luck with your 365 project next year, sounds like such a cool idea. I’m definitely planning to do my 365 again next year, I’ve loved doing it. I’m planning to challenge myself in a few years in 2011 and anticipate it being a wonderful year – especially if we get the house (knock on wood)!

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