Day Book 12/5

Outside My Window: You should know I usually do this at night and therefor there’s never much to report. It is getting colder and theres some slight chance of flurry like weather. For here that could be anything.

I Am Hearing: Mythbusters and dogs playing ball. We are a fun house of excitement around here.

I Am Thinking: Sigh! Were in a hurry up in wait situation in a lot of areas, waiting on a hopeful prospect and I now will have to wait to start the new position. I really had a pretty good feeling it was going to happen but I really wanted to stay positive. Looks like I’ll have to patiently wait another two weeks. Wah. It is what it is as the dude that is in charge of me always says.

I Am Hoping: I hope to have a good week with little homework assignments as this is the last week of the semester. I made it folks and am so ready for my break and strangely as it sounds, looking forward to my next semester which I should know what my classes are this week. I’m also hoping on that other thing… but we try to carry on as status quo because it’s best that way.
Plans For The Week: Work, Wait, and Christmas Party oh and finish up the semester. I’m also planning to actually go to bed at a much more decent time.
Picture Thoughts: Here’s a few Christmas Card possibilities from my little shoot today. Of course I’ve already completed the card but I won’t do the final reveal until the cards have been sent out. I know I fair.

I can just see it now in about 15 years they’ll be gathered around for the holidays and talk about all the crazy photo shoots mom made them do. Hopefully if anything they’ll laugh and claim good times no matter how much they hated to have to do it at first.


One thought on “Day Book 12/5

  1. Oh my gosh I can’t decide which group of photos I like more – you are so creative, I love it! And they look like such little men! Meep!

    Good luck on all things hopeful, you know I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you!

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