Of Minks and Herpes

that one got your attention can’t imagine what kind search hits I get on that one….

My mother God bless her, can pull some one liners on me that can completely just come from left field.
She called me stating that we needed to look for a certain item of importance because basically we needed to get it taken care of, if not she was gonna run off and buy a mink coat. If you only knew my mother, I thought I was going to need resuscitation (that’s a word I don’t spell everyday…thank you spell check).
After I recovered from that one, she gives me a double whammy with “once your dad and I get our shot for herpes we’ll head over so we can take care of that thing so I don’t buy that mink coat” OH MY, SHOVEL ME OFF THE FLOOR! the herpes shot, the one to prevent shingles of course, because they make shots to prevent the shingles. Who knew?
Thanks mom for the laugh, for reals.

On another note, the hubs had a very prospective visit as in an interview today. We are so so hopeful on this one. We’ve been long over due for even just a call back.
Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is the hubs to get another call back. Get on that right away! I’ve been very very good this year.
I of course will keep you in the loop. Though I may have to post from my hospital bed as my heart will over flow so much with joy that it might burst. Again, I’m trying really really hard to be reserved in the back of my mind, it’s hard though…really really hard. One would think the let downs get easier but it only gets harder. I keep reassuring myself that it’s all about the timing and it is going to work out either way.
There’s kind of a funny story about this little opportunity. I did my regular Sunday hobby of searching the paper on Tuesday night and found this great one the hubs would qualify for (of course their all great that I find..but whatever) he emailed his resume that night; around 10ish not expecting to hear anything immediately (obviously). Around 11:30 the same night he received the following response back; “Interesting Resume” and the signature of the email was from the VP of the company. That’s all it said Interesting Resume. We didn’t know what the heck to think. What does that mean? How does one respond to that? Were we supposed to respond to that? The hubs being the hubs, could not hold back and replied thanking them profusely for their time and “opinion”. The HR lady called back the next day to set up the interview and explained that the VP had meant to forward it to HR and instead it replied back to him, as she was using her Iphone. So.. funny story ha ha’s later and he’s getting an interview the next day. The fastest response we’ve ever had in the history of resume sending. Please tell me that’s a good sign..no don’t, because the hopes and the sanity must remain calm.
I’m also holding on to hope that my place of 8 to 5 does not decide to hold me from my new start next week, because they totally could and would until they get a replacement, which they haven’t yet. It’s going to be really hard to replace me and I’m not just saying that to be funny..ahem.
School is almost done for the semester as well. I honestly don’t think I ever worked so hard going to school now then I did when I was going full time, which technically 3 classes is full time in my honest opinion. I’m thinking it has to do with it being online and maybe that I’m also working full time. I’ve been up since 1am each night this week just trying to get stuff done. When an assignment/project/paper is given out Monday and is due Wednesday it puts a little strain on me, times that by 3 and well you get the drift. Then finish all the supplemental stuff by Sunday..not that I’m complaining. So tonight I am completely not even going to log into the school site because I know I’ll get sucked right in to finish this that or the other and be up until 1 again. I will say and not to brag but the hard work is paying off and this girl who has always struggled with school -which I really didn’t looking back on my grades, a person should not demean themselves for B’s and C’s in college. I’m making all A’s. Now how long that will hold up is the next best guess and it is only the first semester.

Have I talked your ear off yet? Sorry just haven’t had a meaningful conversation with you in awhile. What you want a pic or two? OK you deserved it after getting through my ramble.

I almost want to make this last one the Christmas photo shot..but I probably wont because I haven’t done a “shoot” in awhile.

I’m also feeling the need to make PW’s Cinnamon rolls. I’m long over due for any kind of baking. I also intend to do up the tree.
Just thought I’d share that.


3 thoughts on “Of Minks and Herpes

  1. Love the pics of the kids (furry kids included)! Hard not to get my hopes up for you with this job prospect. Getting thumbs up from the VP himself and such quick response… I’d be having a hard time not feeling hopeful from that one, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed and knock on wood for you, etc.

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