Day Book 11/28

Outside My Window: It’s pretty dang windy but the temps are ok.

I Am Hearing: Wizard of Oz, the boys made me a deal. I’d really like to see Wicked some day.

I Am Thinking: I’ve got half of one paper finished (finally) for Communications, that was the paper on social media and marketing to bloggers. Next week is the presentation least we don’t have to actually present it to a live audience. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve also got my design project due next week. I admit Im looking forward to the break in semester.
I”m also thinking well a lot I guess.

I Am Hoping: The hubs gets a prospect this week. He’s meeting with one of those career search agencies. I’m really hoping this is the trick and we finally get the ball rolling. I’m also hoping to finally say “Finally”..again there’s the hope thing going for us.

We made it: through Thanksgiving, we brined our turkey for first the time and it was very juicy and yummy. To be honest I’m just not a big turkey fan. It’s ok but Im more of a ham girl. We put lots of stuff to make it flavorful just like Alton showed us. The hubs was adamant that we follow Alton’s way of doing it. It was good and I probably would brine again but I didn’t die a thousand deaths of loving it.

Plans For The Week: Finish the rest of my school projects. This should be my last full week in my current position at the place of pay unless they decide to hold things off, which wouldn’t surprise me. Patience is a virtue. I don’t know much else that’s in store.

Picture Thought: Again the picture taking has taken a back seat. We did get a few of a lighting storm which I plan to use for my design project.

Here’s our Okie method of brining:
That’s all I’ve got folks!


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