It’s The Little Things

Here’s where I may sound like a 13 year old girl who just found out a cute boy has a crush on her…a little bit rambly and a few OMG’s added for good measure ahem..

So, I’ve read BooMama since the beginning of my blog reading career. If you haven’t, she’s a southern deelight and never fails to crack me up or leave me with a smile. You should stop by sometime if you haven’t…really. I think she inspired me to write all my sentences in ellipses, which should be reason enough to read her.

Today she mentioned the most random thing ever, that only one other person on the planet (ME) could have related to and that is her Myers-Brigg personality type. The crazy thing is that I had just taken the test a few weeks ago for my Mastery Skills class and our types are almost identical except for the last letter which was close enough anyway. I won’t mention that my type is a rarity as in only 10% of the population has it. PEAS IN A POD I tell ya! If you’re thinking I have completely lost my very last marble, you’re probably right and my husband will agree. Yes I’ve been a bit obsessed about it..both the Myers Brigg test and the fact she mentioned it.
I rarely ever comment on her blog cause one, time is never on my side and two, she hangs with THE Pioneer Woman and well, that intimidates me. Mrs Boo is also a very busy lady with her SEC football watching and doesn’t respond often to my comments. Today I broke the rules and commented and she responded back. SWOON. I did the stalker comment thing I never thought I’d do and mentioned we share the same birthday and almost the same Myers Brigg personality type which I’m sure put me on some stalker blog watch list. The funny thing is, it probably put a smile on her face too. She has the mad random skills, I only wish I had a quarter of her random and funny together.
There really wasn’t a point to all this other than the fact I screamed like a crazed tween when I got a response back. I think my husband is calling the crazy farm as we speak.


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