So Here’s What I’ve Been Up To So Far…

This is an attempt to reassure myself that I am actually accomplishing something while leaving the blog to wither and dry up. All for a good cause right? Right…deep sigh.

This week is project turn in week for 2 classes. In case you didn’t know, this semester I’m taking Communications, Design Elements, and Some Mastery Skills class. I really enjoy my Design Elements class even with all these major projects due each week. Last week I created a collage using some design elements. I LOVED that I was doing a project like this for ME and getting it graded it for it. So there was no guilt involved in taking over a kids project for my own thrill and they not doing any work.

This was scanned in which I think only added to it’s design like feel. Yes I used my own butterfly pic. Yes that is our OKC downtown sky scrapers. Please don’t ask me to explain it.. it just is what it is, at this point.
This week’s project is a Power Point for my “selected career choice”. I had to interview someone who is in the career field I want to be in and will use some of their work in the PowerPoint and my findings on my career research. I know this was something I really needed to do to pinpoint what I really want to do…easier said than done.
Because I don’t have enough projects to do, my Communications class is also having us do research and submit a deliverable for a proposal on topic of our expertise and choosing. I chose Blogging and Marketing and how companies use bloggers to their advantage and the pros and cons for both involved. So yeah busy..and here I am blogging.
I am making some headway though I don’t quite feel that way.

Oh and while I’m juggling school, I’m now trying to transition into something new for the place I go to 9 hours a day. The transfer freeze has lifted for a brief period of time and I’m trying to take that window of opportunity and run with it. Here’s hoping for that.
Ok the blog has been freshly watered and given a little love and attention…hey I did update the header…that’s saying something.


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