Day Book 10/24

Outside My Window: It was a lovely Sunday if I do say so myself.

I Am Thinking: I finally had a weekend where I didn’t do much of anything but hang at home with my favorite peeps and did not have to “work” the whole Saturday. I actually got a few things done including some house work and all of my homework.

I Am Hoping: for another week with potential prospect for the hubs on the job front. Again I seem to say this every week and every week nothing. I figure at this point that’s all one can really do and if hopes are dashed than we dust our selves off and hope again another week. We’ll get something eventually right?

More thoughts of the past week: I’ve got two big projects for school. The design class wants us to interview a person who is in our similar career field. I’ve got a couple of prospects that I submitted for I just have to contact them to interview, easier said than done. Thankfully, it can all be done through the email but I still feel anxious/nervous about it.
I also had to submit that drawing which was the bane of my school existence this week. I thought about sharing it but it’s really not great and I actually had to use special gray scale markers to do it. I feel so fancy using my art kit and lame at the same time, since I have no clue what I’m doing. The really funny thing is…I can’t wait to see what we do next week.

Plans for this week: We’re back to football practice this week. Im not thrilled about it but it is what it is. This week is red ribbon week for the boys which means I have to “plan” out what they wear and of course their all at different schools so it’s nothing the same. (If I’m rambling I’m sorry) Also work is planning to have a costume contest on Friday and I am the nerd that loves this kind of stuff and eat it up. Therefor I will dress up and hope to win. I can never understand why people don’t want to get into a festive spirit and do “fun things” like this at work. I’d like to tell you what I am but I think you should guess, here’s a hint: If you watch enough T.V. you see her all the time on the commercials. “…and we’re walking”

Picture Thought: OH ALL RIGHT HERE IT IS…
There is no method to my madness I just kind of went with it. Don’t humor me that it’s good because if you saw the other students work you’d probably feel sorry for me.


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