Peter Peter Pumpkin Cheater

It’s midnight and I’m doing some wild and crazy things I normally don’t do at this hour even on a Friday night. In other words: CAUTION THIS POST COULD GET REALLY SILLY AND RANDOM!

First off I’m coloring my hair which I think the chemicals are getting to my brain and I’m acting really silly. Wait, I take that back I was down right silly 2 hours ago, shall we rewind and recap? I think we shall.
The hubs and I decided to head to the grocery story at around 9PM…because that’s how we roll (I forgot one minor detail..the kids are with grandma for fall break). I thought that the main plan was to hit the really big store that I like but is on the other side of town because dang it, they have that Swiss Miss Green Tea and I love that stuff. We ended up at the cheaper closer store. I admit I threw a small fit because they don’t sell my tea there. The hubs decided we could go to the other store also, to get my tea since the cheaper store was closing.

When we walked in, I instantly saw the white pumpkins. I instantly WANTED a white pumpkin (Have I mentioned I haven’t visited the grocery store to actually really shop in a long while?) and look, their only 59 Cents! So I grabbed the biggest one they had. There was a lot of silly other stuff in between our little grocery visit but I will spare you. We started to check out and the pumpkin was one of the last things to be checked. She started to weigh it, which I thought kind of odd. The hubs also thought it odd and asked why it needed to be weighed. The cashier stated that it’s charged by the pound. DOH! So my 59 cent pumpkin ended up being around $4.00, which was actually more than the regular big orange pumpkins. Did I mention that I was so ecstatic to get a white 59 cent pumpkin, that I grabbed the biggest one? Needless to say, I got “the look” from the hubs. I did mention I haven’t been shopping in awhile right?
Since the hubs felt sorry for me being up so late he was going to treat me to a Frappa at Mickey Dees. We stopped to get gas and all the teeny boppers were hanging out at the gas station for no good reason than to hang. Really the gas station? A total pointless point but there it is.
As we pulled in, I saw one lone snow flake on the telephone post (you know those lighted christmas snow flakes?) I just found it odd that it was the only one. Then I got really silly (you ever get so tired that you get the sillies?) and laughed and laughed and wished I had the camera. Then I saw one of those giant blow up gorillas that you see at car dealerships, I wanted the camera again so I could have my picture taken with the gorilla and I laughed and laughed again. Did I mention I get silly when I’m really tired? Ok maybe I did.
Then I came home and colored my hair. I just rinsed it and would you believe it really didn’t do jack diddly to make my hair medium reddish brown. Instead I got darker brown with small splotches of red that you can only see if you really look. I have a feeling the hubs is going to give me “the look” again. I only colored my hair (other than to make it more soft and luxurious) was for my Halloween costume that I plan to kick butt with at the costume contest for work. I’ve been working on it for awhile and hope to give you a sneak peak this weekend…if I get all my school work done. I may even take a pic of the cursed white pumpkin just for fun. I know you can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Peter Peter Pumpkin Cheater

  1. Yeah when I saw “59 cents” for a pumpkin, especially with different sizes, I have to be honest, I got a bit concerned that it was per lb. Grocery / department stores are such a rip off. We got pumpkins at a farm this year for $1 (for two pumpkins).

  2. Sounds like a fun evening. We saw big, big pumpkins at the grocery store so I let the kids buy them early. 28 cents a pound. One week later, they still had big, big pumpkins and they were only 8 cents a pound. Grrrr!

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