Day Book: 10/17 Well, Look What The Cat Drug In

Im really not sure how I missed posting of any kind last week but I did…uhm let’s see I started my first week of school, we had a game Tuesday night, Wednesday and Monday consisted of me getting my school assignments mapped out, Thursday was the homecoming parade, Friday is a little fuzzy ( I think I was just trying to catch my breath) and Saturday I was doing the football thing for 11 plus hours straight. I literally left at 830 that morning and didn’t get home until after 9 that night. So yeah I was busy.

I feel I need to make it up to you by posting a plethera of pics from last week. If you don’t check out my pics on facebook (why aren’t you? it’s like my mini portfolio), then you miss the bulk of my stuff.

Outside my window: it’s beautiful outside yet again. We have really been spoiled lately on the weather.

I Am Hearing: My middle son is talking to himself about something…then there’s football. Let’s not mention football anymore. Though I would like to say the regular season is over (Praise God!) We are now off to play offs, though we get a few weeks off.
Happy Birthday Pete!
I Am Thinking: I have some worries that I’m really going to be one of those last minute to get things done students. As much as I tried to keep up during the week on discussion threads for 3 different classes it just did not seem like enough. The weekends are going to have to be my primary day of just getting it all done. I really hate that, but it is what it is.

I Am Hoping: This week will be less crazy with no football.

Caution: Homecoming Pics forth coming

Can you tell this kid did not want to have anything to do with this?

Plans For The Week: Teacher Conferences, Fall Break for the kids (so jealous), and School and Work of course.

Picture Thought: I forgot to mention that while in the booth, the “media” people like to come in and sit on top to video and take pictures and they have to climb up through a hatch on the ceiling to get to the top. The thrill of my day was one of the photographers asked me to hold their Nikon with the awesome ginormous lens so they could get up. I got a little weepy and did not want to give it back. I so wanted to ask if they could show me a few things…but it lasted all of 10 seconds and I had time keeping work to do. Stay tuned on how I almost got fired from being time keeper (not really). Thank goodness it was the last game of the season.


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