Day Book 10/04

Outside My Window: It’s dark and chilly a true sign fall is here.

I Am Hearing: Mythbusters on TV, and the hubs munching on dry cereal. Hey.. I call it like it like I hear it.

I Am Thinking: This is totally random but I really want to be Flo for Halloween…you know Flo from the Progressive commercials. Yeah I’m weird like that. It probably won’t happen.
I really want to tell you what the kids are going to be but at the same time I want to surprise you…but I’ve never been good with surprises. I’m still in the process of getting everything together.

I Also Want To Say: The hubs and I are both sick. I’ve never been sick with sinus/ cold stuff in the same year. I know that seems weird but I just haven’t it’s usually never or once a year. The funny thing is I really should call in sick tomorrow but it’s “Customer Service Appreciation Week” and dang it, Im the type that likes to be appreciated and want to win a gift card and have free bagels for breakfast.

The Birthday was good thanks for asking. We didn’t do anything amazing for extra special but I sure felt loved and special on facebook and everyones well wishes meant a lot.

I will mention my cake: My father… God love him, always orders the cake for my mom and I. He always picks the biggest cake they have and the most interesting color combination like blood red roses. My mother always gets on to him for his picks. This year was no exception. I actually embrace the cakie wreckiness now. They spelled my name JEANIE with a “G”, when my father told them to fix it…they scraped the G off and made a J. Who spells JEANIE with a G anyway?! I totally got my wreckie cake for my birthday. Oh yes you could totally see where they scraped it and fixed it. CLASSY!

I Would Also Like To Mention: I have a cold..or did I already mention that?

Plans For The Week: Football, customer service week, a pirate play and another football rehash like last week.

I Am Reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan So far pretty good. It’s just amazing what these poor little girls had to endure just to have tiny feet just to marry into money. Amazing.

Picture Thought: Totally random pic I took one day when I was putting off house work bored. I kind of like it and think it would make a great blog header. …uhm yeah it helps to actually link the picture.
My brain is totally dead. Please forgive all crazy that is this post. I don’t even have the energy to fix them all.


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