The Time Keeper

Saturday was an out of the norm kind of day for us. The hubs “volunteered” us to work the clock and run the booth at the kid’s football game(s). Neither of us having any idea what was involved and some how I got dragged into it. I figured sitting in the shaded air conditioned booth for 5 football games would be way better than working an hour of concession stand any day. I would now like to retract that thought.

We first got off on the wrong foot with the National Anthem. You see the Anthem was on the big guy’s (the head hauncho of our towns little league football) Iphone which was to be put up to the speaker microphone for all the land to hear. He kinda showed how to start it and then left us to fend for ourselves since he’s an assistance coach for the team.
The hubs and I are fairly tech savvy and figured no big deal we got this.
The hubs bless his heart, is a very confident self assured take charge person, nothing shakes him up or makes him nervous, he’s a solid rock…or so I thought. This announcer gig literally had him physically shaking with nerves when he announced to rise for the National Anthem. When he started the iphone song selection, it did not play The National Anthem by Leann Rhimes but some old timey country song which I had never heard. We literally could not turn it off or figure out how to stop it and find the right song. After a good sweet forever which was probably like 3 minutes, I was at the point of telling the hubs he may have better luck just singing the darn song than playing it. Just about that time big hauncho came through the door and saved the day. He literally rushed from the football field to the broadcast booth to save us. At this point we just knew this gig was not for the faint of heart and probably why nobody volunteered to do it.

Then it was time for me to actually keep score and time. Now most would think that it would be something easy…I will tell you that I have always taken for granted the time keeper. There’s a lot more to it than just starting and stopping the clock and keeping score. One literally has to watch the referees the whole game and watch their signals. It is fairly tricky. I will also say that the first game may or may not have gone a good 10 minutes more than it should have. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to stop the clock after each down.

After the 3-4th game it got a little bit easier, and it helped that all our teams literally slaughtered the poor other teams and the refs literally told us between halves to just keep the clock running no matter what.
I will say that I was just as stressed as the hubs with me doing the whole time keeping thing. I seriously did not want the coaches or parents coming at the booth with pitch forks and torches to hang me at the stake. I mean people get a little crazy at little league football games. There was one time when the opposing coach did question the time and we reset it (not that it really helped their cause, but only made it worse) even though according to the refs I was right. I did make it through and the refs stated I did pretty good for a rookie.
The hubs and I’s marriage was a wee bit tested in that booth Saturday debating questionable ref calls if I needed to start or stop the clock, we pulled through and the hubs did pretty good for first time announcer.
We signed a contract for the rest of the season (not really) and will receive free concessions for the rest of the season.

Now please rise for the newly updated National Anthem…with a country song intro. Watch out John Madden were taking this show on the road.

We also have decided to burn the National Anthem to CD as back up.


4 thoughts on “The Time Keeper

  1. Oh. my. word. Too stinkin’ funny! I am so impressed that you are going to keep doing it though! Good work! And you better enjoy those free concessions… 😉

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