I had thought about posting 33 random things about myself…but I figured I would spare you. I decided to do the interview thing I do with the boys and add some random pictures to embarrass myself for good measure.
Age: 33 and I don’t look a day over 2

Favorite Color: Purplish depending on my mood.

Favorite Subject in school: Science or English back in the day

What do you want to be when you grow up? Im still trying to figure that out but hopefully it will have to do with taking pictures and doing web design stuff (like hopefully way better than the crazy attempts I do now)

Favorite Book at age 32? Eat Pray Love was the main best book I read this past year

If you could be any animal what would it be? A bird..I think
I’m really not this narcissistic about myself but it’s my birthday and I’ll humiliate myself however I want too.

Best memory of being 32: Let’s see I got to see Bon Jovi and my boyfriend Brad, that was some pretty sweet high lights off the top of my head.

Worst memory of being 32: The Christmas Eve blizzard and the crazy tornadoes that left me in the stair well at work and not knowing it was hitting my town just 3 miles from house was pretty bad.

Favorite T.V. show: Right now it’s Glee and Ellen the only two shows I watch fairly consistently thanks to the DVR.

Favorite Movie at 32: I saw Eclipse which was greater than expected, despite that I saw it in the very front row of the theatre.  The best with the family would be Despicable Me in 3D. I had low expectations but heard alot of good stuff..and I really enjoyed it. I also loved Toy Story 3.

Favorite Sports Team: The Sooners of course but I must whisper this as to not hurt their (the Sooners) feelings, but I’m kinda having a thing for OSU(Oklahoma State).
Favorite Athlete: My 2 footballers of course. 😉

In case ya’ll forgot, it’s my mom’s birthday too. She’s such a giver to share her birthday with me, she kinda gets hidden from the spot light.

Favorite Movie Star: I don’t have a specific…really

Favorite Food: Anything with Cheese and Carbs and It’s probably my fave.

Favorite Place To Eat: Any place with cheese and carbs…oh wait.

Favorite Place To Go: Work…no I kid. A girly place where I can be pampered…wait I don’t ever go to girly places to be pampered. Since I never go anywhere but work and football I’m going to say Target, though I never get to go there either.

Favorite Place To Go Online: Facebook

Now bring on the presents and the cake!


3 thoughts on “33

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good one and this year is even better than last! Love the high school hair… 😉 And your wedding picture I really do love!

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