Day Book 09/26

Outside My Window: It’s beautiful out but a little chilly. I won’t complain though.

I Am Hearing: 9-5 By Dolly Parton. I’m not sure which is sadder, that I’ve repeated it on the ipod 3 times  already or that I get a little teary eyed each time I listen to it. It’s kind of my anthem right now.

I Am Hoping: I have some hopes and prayers for some people right now. For once my hopes are focused on others right now, which is probably how it should it be.

I Am Thinking: Sundays are a double edged sword. I love that it’s a relaxing day and I can sorta get some stuff done, on the other hand the inevitable then happens…Monday.

Extra thoughts: for those playing at home on the previous fair post, that mysterious chocolate covered item was indeed chocolate covered bacon. It was tasty for the most part. It reminded of chocolate covered pretzels with the salty sweet combination. I probably wouldn’t purchase it again at the fair, besides there’s a hundred other fried, chocolate covered things that is waiting for me to try. Fried coke anyone?

Plans for the week: Football practice this week consists of picture day and skating. I’m thinking I’m over due to put on some skates and try not to fall on my tookus. We’ll see how that goes. This coming weekend I will be working the concession stand on my birthday weekend. The excitement level is mind blowing…not.

I don’t really have any major plans for this coming day of my birth. 32 wasn’t the greatest year for me. Of course I know it could have been way worse and so thankful for everything and that we are still getting by. I do have some hope that 33 will be better. I do get to get start back to school as a birthday present (from the government..sorta) so that’s a good start. I think.

Picture Thoughts:

The train going by as we waited to get in the fair.


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