Here Is This

I’d like to say I’ve been real busy…real busy sitting at football practice doing not much of anything.

I admit I like that defrag time. I literally sit outside (in the very nice evening weather) in my lawn chair and just sit for 2 hours… no distractions just nothing. I sit and let my brain just “sit”. It’s rejuvenating in a way. The hubs and I have good conversation that doesn’t involve our noses stuck in the laptop.

One would think that with all this “sitting” I’d be fresh as a daisy with an irreplaceable amount of energy. Sadly that’s not the case. I feel just as tired as I did waking up this morning. I’m not sure what it is but even if I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep, I’m still dead to the world all day. It never used to be that way. Guess that’s what coming up on 33 does for ya.

I will say that we went out of the norm and hit the fair last night. Guess what I did at the fair?

I’ll give you a hint:
I ate some of this. Do you know what this… is?

I went way up high in this.

And I came down looking like this:

I haven’t been the same since.

Then I took a few pics of this:

And this:

We certainly couldn’t have gone with out taking a pic of this

Last but not least this:


3 thoughts on “Here Is This

  1. These pictures are just fantastic! And on the tired front, I’m so with you. But sometimes I think it’s from too much sitting – they say the less active you are, the more tired you get. Sometimes it’s also more to do with the soul than the body you know? Mayhaps time for a change?

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