Day Book: 09/19

Outside My Window; It’s mid September (already!) and you’d think the temps would cool down by now but not so much.

I Am Hearing: Football commercials. I know I’m sorry. I will say that I’m having some burn out already and the season has barely started. I think it’s because I had a jump start with the kids starting in early August.

I Am Thinking: Sometimes the simplest thing like getting the mail can completely ruin or make someones day. Sadly today wasn’t the last part. Yes… sometimes I get Saturday’s mail on Sundays.

I Am Hoping: That we can fix the thing that ruined my day from the mail. It will be fixed it’s just a matter of when.

Plans For The Week; Same O Same O as usual. We have an away game in Blanchard Saturday, (which according to the map Mom, it’s south west of Norman like you’re going to Chickasha).
Glee starts this week so I’m a little stoked for that. Yes, Jen I finally got hooked.
Seems like there was something else but really it’s probably not pertinent.
Wowzers in a couple of weeks like literally 2 weeks from yesterday, I’ll be 33. Mom that makes you..oh never mind. In case all 3 of you didn’t know my mom and I share a birthday. I’m sure you did know since most of you guys have been around since the get go. I still like to remind know just in case.

Picture Thought: I honestly didn’t do any picture taking this week. I’ve been blah and doing other things like cleaning to keep me distracted. GAH!

Last but not least: Since I mentioned almost everyone in this post who reads the blog, I have a good question for’s right up your ally. STAIN REMOVAL (I’m speaking your love language aren’t I?) See, I have these football playing kids and they have these expensive football padded pants that have grass stains in them even after some good squirts of Spray N Wash and even a direct rub down of detergent still no go on the stains. They take a handle with care kind of washing but I’d like to know if you have a good suggestion. 😉


2 thoughts on “Day Book: 09/19

  1. First saturate the stain with rubbing alcohol, then let it dry. Next work liquid detergent into the stain (Tide with bleach works the best). Scrub, either with your fingernails, or with an old toothbrush. Have you heard of Fels Naptha?

    I would take this and rub it into the stain really well. I love this soap bar. Then wash it in the hottest water allowed and it should be gone!

    Good luck!

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