Live Late Breaking News

We Interrupt The Previous Riveting Post To Bring You The Following News….24 hours later.

The keys to success are in the hubby’s couch. He literally had to have been sitting on them the whole time I was looking for them last night. I found them this morning literally in the exact spot he sits. I don’t know how or what or why. All I can think is that I truly actually did not have the keys at the point in time I thought I did, because I was never ever in that area of the living room yesterday morning on or near his couch, much less in his seat.
The mind I has lost it.
Thank you, that is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog already in session.


3 thoughts on “Live Late Breaking News

  1. LOL I am so glad you found your key. I could never lose mine because I have too many key chains. I keep trying to pare down, but they are all so cute! Plus, I put them all on a clip and clip it to my purse.

    • I never lose my key when IM Driving, the problem is the hubs takes the key when he drives and it’s always an easter egg hunt when he drove last.

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